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Your freedom is under attack. Even your freedom to read these words may soon be denied – all in the name of fighting terrorism, or crime, or drugs, or pollution of the environment. The greatest tragedy of our modern age is the decline of freedom throughout the world leading to the establishment of a modern, high-tech feudalism. Totalitarianism is in your future; and, to an alarming degree, it is already in your present.

Free men are allowing this to happen because, presently, they are powerless to stop it. Even in nations where leaders are elected, the financial and political forces that supply them with money and media support receive more loyalty than those who merely cast their votes. While most people are content to fill their lives with work and play, there are those who have much larger designs. They think of themselves as natural leaders who have a solemn responsibility to rule. They speak about democratic values and human rights, but they do not trust the common man with self-government. They have perfected the illusion that voters determine their own political destiny, but they also have created mechanisms for altering that destiny to fit their own agendas. The mission of Freedom Force is to expose those agendas and create counter mechanisms to overcome them.

Let us be specific. Collectivists advocate controlled elections, controlled media, controlled education, the elimination of free speech, disarmament of the population, fiat money, a cartelized health-care system, military imperialism, and global government.

The ideology of Freedom Force is individualism, the opposite of collectivism at every point. Individualists advocate honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, encouragement of free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and national sovereignty.

In this section you will find reports and articles containing information that is of great importance to the future of freedom everywhere in the world. With the capacity to send documents over the Internet, we now have a way to bypass the controlled media. Imagine what would happen if everyone on our email list would forward a copy of these items to everyone on their email list. And then imagine that ten or fifteen percent of those would do the same. It would be theoretically possible to reach every person with an email address on the entire planet within a few months. Totalitarians are worried about this capability, and that is the reason they are seeking to control the flow of information over the Internet. Their real concern is not pornography or terrorism as they claim, but the free flow of information that exposes their agendas.

     We have divided this section of our web site into two parts. One is called Core Issues and the other is called Collateral Issues. This is to clarify the difference between topics that are directly linked to the ideology and strategy of Freedom Force and those that merely are the personal views of the authors. It is important that everyone in Freedom Force is in basic agreement in the first category – because those are the issues that bind us together – but it is not important for anyone to agree with anything in the second category – because those issues have no bearing on our mission. The primary reason we publish the second category is that people are curious and many have asked. Inevitably, we get into controversial material and, although we do our best to defend our viewpoint, we also emphasize that participation in Freedom Force is not dependent on agreement with us. So, by dividing these two categories into separate locations, we hope to strengthen this understanding.

     This is Mr. Griffin's analysis of the War on Terrorism and much more. Terrorism is a distraction for deeper issues. Both hawks and doves are playing into the hands of those who are using the conflict for their own hidden agendas. You will discover the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that has dominated U.S. public policy since World War I. You will learn about the ideology called collectivism that motivates this group and find that its members believe that the best way to bring about desirable changes in society is to engage in war. Mr. Griffin meticulously documents how these people, working within the American government, plotted to involve the U.S. in both World Wars. They even encouraged enemy attacks so they could claim the status of victim instead of aggressor. The lessons and parallels for the War on Terrorism are chilling.

"Mr. Griffin,
     Thank you for writing The Future is Calling. My previous focus on the Federal Reserve was important but too narrow. My concern was with people and power. Now I realize that Ideology is more ominous and threatening because over time people come and go; but, with an ideology, someone just moves up to take their place.
- Paul Magnuson"

"Thank you Mr. Griffin for your amazing research.
     I've just read your five-part series The Future is Calling and it is a game changer. The veil has been lifted."
- Bruce J., Rockville, VA

Part 1: The Chasm
Part 2: Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas
Part 3: Days of Infamy
Part 4: The War on Terrorism
Part 5: An Idea Whose Hour Has Come
This is not yet in written form but may be viewed here on YouTube.

Part 5 can be purchased as a DVD here.

The Grand Deception is an earlier version of The Future Is Calling and has been replaced by it.

Report from Iron Mountain; Using fear to make people subservient to government. This is taken from Chapter 24 of
G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Thirteen Predictions for the War on Terrorism
Written by G. Edward Griffin three days after 9-11.
Astounding accuracy is the result of knowing the collectivist agenda.

No Place to Hide; The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism
Transcript of a video documentary written by Mr. Griffin in 1982.
Ahead of its time. Explains and predicts what has since come to pass.

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Freedom Force
position statements

Does the Constitution apply to U.S. citizens? An analysis by G. Edward Griffin.

G. Edward Griffin speaks on The Quigley Formula; The Conspiratorial View of History As Explained by The Conspirators themselves.

Is GOOOH good or goo?
An analysis of "Get-Out-Of-Our-House" by G. Edward Griffin.

G. Edward Griffin speaks about the use of psychiatry as a weapon of government to control dissent.

The only solution to problems in health care.

Which is best: government, anarchy, or protectorate?

Are people like donkeys?

Is violence the correct path to political reform?

Are Jews and Masons and Jesuits conspiring to control the world?

Income-Tax Protest Movement
Is it just a question of money?

In defense of Ward Churchill. Don't choose between the Nazi and Soviet models.

Is it time to celebrate the coming demise of the income tax?

Left vs. Right
The Illusion of Opposites

The IRS and the Fed: Fraternal Twins

Justice for Native Americans
Should anyone be penalized for injustices of their ancestors?

Military plans to treat U.S. dissidents as insurgents.

The Power of Nightmares.
How politicians use fear to legitimize expansion of power

The Right of Petition
What is the Freedom Force position on this principle?

A Voice from Nazi Germany
A Nazi survivor shows parallels between Naziism and current trends in the U.S.

Which comes first: authority or power?

Why vote or campaign for a candidate when rigged machines steal our votes anyway?

Beyond the ideology and
strategy of Freedom Force

A law to force legislators to read bills before voting yes? And what about term limits for Congressmen? Analysis by
G. Edward Griffin

Griffin responds to hostile allegations and personal attacks, including the charge of anti-Semitism.

Are immigration laws contrary to the philosophy of Freedom Force? Analysis by G. Edward Griffin

Let's leave Founding-Fathers bashing to those who hate America. Analysis by G. Edward Griffin

Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project: A new face for collectivism - Analysis by G. Edward Griffin

Does the U.S. Constitution grant citizenship to children born of illegal aliens? Absolutely not, says Professor of Political Science. Here are the reasons. Discover why some aspects of common law were rejected by 14th Amendment.

Is the lack of domestic oil production good for America?

How to view the propaganda film, "Wake up America.".

The shocking truth about vaccines; A presentation by vaccines expert, Mary Tocco.

Bugliosi writes a whitewash of the Warren Commission Whitewash.

Evidence of Revision. Here is an amazing set of 5 videos that lay bare the long hidden secrets behind the JFK and RFK assassinations. The Leftist bias is annoying, but the facts are impeccable. Take a day off for this and you'll be glad you did. APFN Posted 2007 Nov 24

Eugenics and The Council on Foreign Relations: A research paper by Francisco Gil-White on the fascination CFR members have for the doctrine of race superiority.

Growing awareness of the CFR's role in leading America into global collectivism has led them to produce a PR video to brighten their image. Using the same production style seen on TV ads selling pharmaceutical drugs, watch well known personalities sell the CFR as ohhh so wonderful. They speak of learning and discussing and working for solutions. Not a word about goals or methods. Notice the faces flashed on the screen in addition to the speakers. That alone tells us how powerful this group has become.] Posted 2010 May 8

Fabian Society's stained glass window stolen, then recovered. Now on display in London. Color photo here.

How US Congressmen were bribed to vote for CAFTA. Proof that they do not represent voters. Eye-witness report from Congressman Ron Paul.

Is the Gulf War Syndrome a mystery disease or is the cause being covered up?

Is the US government a corporation? If so, so what?

Is there a Black-Ops cabal, even more powerful than government, using technology from alien civilizations?

The myth of all-capital letters in government documents. Analysis by Larry Becraft.

The Secret Covenant
An Illuminati member tells all?

Should we support Russell Means and the Lakota Indians?

The US government did not fail its mission in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. An analysis by G. Edward Griffin.

Why vaccines are not safe. This is the best overview we have yet seen. Tocco/Mercola

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