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Published 2009 September 13

Dear Mr. Griffin,
I have the strongest respect for your work and the perspicacity of your insights but I have a question. I went to Freedom Force to become a member and was immediately confronted with taking an oath. This immediately made me uncomfortable. I do not think I need to swear an oath to buy your books or believe in freedom. You may respond that this is optional if it makes me uncomfortabe but why have it in the first place? It seems a contradiction in terms.

I thank you so much for your work and I am working to spread the word by sending friends and family your books.

Sincerely, Seth N.


Hello Seth.
The only requirement for being in Freedom Force is that all of us must endorse the principles expressed in the Creed of Freedom and abide by the Code of Conduct. If we did not have that, there would be no reason for our movement. To simply say that “I believe in freedom” is far short of the mark. Most people cannot define freedom and, many think that it is merely not being in prison. Americans say they believe in freedom, but then they support measures and vote for candidates that implement involuntary servitude disguised as social justice or humanitarianism. Collectivists claim they believe in freedom, too, but they have practically no limit to the number of exceptions, all of which are justified as being necessary for the greater good of the greater number – as determined by them, of course. Therefore, it is not enough to say that one believes in freedom to become part of Freedom Force.

One of the things that sets Freedom Force apart from others is that we know what we believe, we state what we believe, and we adhere to what we believe. We do not ask anyone to take an oath of loyalty to an individual or organization, but we do expect dedication to the principles that are the foundation of our movement, because that is what binds us together. All of us are proud of those principles and are glad to say so. Those who do not feel comfortable with such a declaration are not yet ready for our freedom brotherhood.

I hope that this makes sense to you, Seth, and that you will unhesitatingly add your name to the many thousands of individualists from around the world who have endorsed The Creed of Freedom. Thanks for writing.

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