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Welcome to the Freedom Force Hall of Honor. It is here that we give recognition to our members who are leaders, communicators, and newsmakers. They have been chosen because of their outstanding achievements on behalf of freedom, and we are proud to have them as ambassadors for our movement. They are listed in the order of how well known they are. This is approximated by the number of hits they receive in the Google search engine. Those with the most hits are at the top. Each hit indicates a web site somewhere in the world that mentions them. This is a measure of their influence on public opinion and the extent to which they are fulfilling the primary leadership mission of Freedom Force. Some of our honorees have many thousands of hits, and all of them are making a difference in the world, as you will see.

Robert Kiyosaki ROBERT KIYOSAKI is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 personal-finance book of all time. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes the world needs more entrepreneurs and fewer bureaucrats. With perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned an international reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage and has become a passionate advocate of financial education for the common man. As the author of 19 books, which have topped international bestsellers lists for more than a decade, he has been a featured guest with media outlets in every corner of the world. Robert can be reached at

Alex Jones ALEX JONES is one of the premier talk-show hosts in America with over a million daily listeners. He is considered by many to be the grandfather of what has come to be known as the 9/11 Truth Movement. In a July 2001 television taping, six weeks before 9/11, he warned that Globalists were going to attack New York and blame it on Osama bin Laden and that their motive was to create the fear of terrorism as an excuse for bringing martial law to America. View the clip here. Alex combines his media presence with physical activism and is well known in the news as the man blasting out truth about 9/11 with a bull horn. He has been featured on Good Morning America, 20/20 Downtown, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, A&E, and has appeared on many radio and TV stations across the country. He broadcasts nationwide on the Genesis Communications Radio Network. More information on his broadcast can be found here. Alex can be contacted at

G. Edward Griffin G. EDWARD GRIFFIN is a writer, documentary film producer, and Founder of Freedom Force International. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations. His better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island, World without Cancer, The Discovery of Noah’s Ark, Moles in High Places, The Open Gates of Troy, No Place to Hide, The Capitalist Conspiracy, More Deadly than War, The Grand Design, The Great Prison Break, and The Fearful Master. Ed is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in speech and communications. He is a recipient of the coveted Telly Award for excellence in television production, the creator of the Reality Zone Audio Archives, and is President of American Media, a publishing and video production company in Southern California. He has served on the board of directors of The National Health Federation and The International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends and is Founder and President of The Cancer Cure Foundation. He is the founder of The Coalition for Visible Ballots, a grassroots organization for the elimination of vote fraud that is made possible by electronic voting systems. For a review of Ed's writings and lectures, see
G. Edward Griffin; The Pre-eminent Anti-NWO Scholar. (Also cached here.) His books, CDs, and DVDs are available at For those interested in his philosophical views, click here.
He may be reached at

Bob Schulz BOB SCHULZ is internationally recognized as a leader in the American tax-honesty movement and Founder of We The People, an organization dedicated to restoration of Constitutional government through citizen activism. He is a recipient of the Freedom Force Champion-of-Freedom Award. Bob has an engineering degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy (1963), and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Xavier University (1969). He completed most of the course work for a Ph. D. in Public Administration at the Graduate School of Public Affairs, State University of NY. He has held significant positions in industry (General Electric), in government (Connecticut, New York State, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), on Wall Street (Prudential-Bache), in business (founder and CEO of a consulting firm), and on the radio as a talk-show host (with WROW in Albany, New York). In 1979, Bob founded the Tri-County Taxpayer’s Association to defend the People of Washington, Warren and Saratoga Counties against illegal acts by local government officials. In 1992, he founded the All-County Taxpayer’s Association to help the People of New York State become better informed about their Rights and how to defend them. In 1997, he founded the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education and the We The People Congress. Bob can be reached at:

Sheriff Mack SHERIFF RICHARD MACK is the retired Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, who, in 1994, sued the United States government for attempting to compell him to enforce the Brady Bill, a federal gun-control law. He won the case at the U.S. Supreme Court. It was a landmark decision because it confirmed the fact that states are sovereign governments, and their powers, unless deligated to the federal government by the Constitution, are superior to those of the federal government. Justice Scalia wrote in the ruling that, "The Federal Governmt may not compel the states to enact or enforce a federal regulatory program." This case confirmed that local officials have the right, the power, and the duty to stand against the federal government when it overreaches its Constitutional boundaries. Sheriff Mack now is in the forefront of the state-soverignty and federal-nullification movement, which many believe will become the means by which the American Republic will be restored. He is working to inform every sheriff in every county of their rights and obligations. This is a difficult task because many sheriffs are recipients of federal funds and they are reluctant to challenge the source. In those cases, he offers assistance to local citizens who wish to find and elect a new sheriff who will honor the Constitution. Sheriff Mack has authored several books including The County Sheriff; America's Last Hope; From My Cold Dead Fingers; The Proper Role of Law Enforcement; and a novel entitled The Naked Spy. He can be reached through his website:

Kim Kiyosaki KIM KIYOSAKI has learned what it takes to be successful as a real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She is a sought-after speaker and radio/TV talk-show guest. She has built upon the success of her two books, Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time!, to create a series of Rich-Woman products and a dynamic online community. Kim began her investing career in 1989 with the purchase of a small, 2-bedroom/1-bath rental property. Today her real-estate company buys, sells, and manages millions of dollars in property. A self-made millionaire, Kim is a happily married (but fiercely independent) woman, and often travels and speaks with her husband Robert, author of the international best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad. She can be reached at

Glen Bradley GLEN BRADLEY is a member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives and is seeking election in the state Senate. He served in the US Marine Corps from 1993 to 1997 and describes himself as a regular working-class man fed up with the systemic corruption in government and in both political parties. Glen has a long record of defending the constitutions of both the federal government and North Carolina, which means that, often, he has stood against his own party and has been on the lonely side of 119-to-1 votes. Although he was told he should be ashamed of being a sole dissenter, he wears it as a badge of honor. Glen has been recognized by the Tenth Amendment Center as the nation's leading advocate for applying the Tenth Amendment to nullify unconstitutional Federal legislation. He led the fight in North Carolina to oppose the federal food takeover by introducing the Farmer's Freedom-Protection Act. He also introduced the Intrastate Commerce Act that challenges the federal misinterpretation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution that has expanded Washington's power over almost everything Americans do. Glen led the fight to enact real job growth legislation in the North Carolina Job-Growth Act, and he won a major victory when 90% of that job-growth language became state law. Glen's web site is

Mike Adams MIKE ADAMS, known as the Health Ranger to his fans, is the author of numerous books and journalistic reports on natural health. He is Editor of the popular Internet site called News Target. His personal story and his expert knowledge of the perils of drug-based health care is featured in the DVD, Monopoly Medicine, produced by the Reality Zone. Mike used to be chronically diseased with borderline obesity, diabetes, depression, and severe back pain. He dutifully followed his doctor's advice, took all the prescribed medications, and consumed the standard American diet. That's how he came to be overweight, depressed, and diseased by age 30. But then, in his words, he "woke up" and realized that practically everything he had been taught about health, disease, food and medicine was false. It dawned on him that this is why so much of the population today is burdened with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other preventable diseases. Mike set out to prove his new knowledge on himself and soon converted his body into the perfect health machine, totally without drugs. Mike's web site, Natural News, is at:
Mike's DVD, Monopoly Medicine, is available at The Reality Zone.

Dan Happel DAN HAPPEL is a County Commissioner in Madison County, Montana, and is an outspoken foe of big government and the UN's Agenda 21. He is a leader in the movements in his state to protect property rights, to introduce a sound, silver-backed currency, to protect livestock and wild game from uncontrolled wolf repopulation, and to nullify unconstitutional federal laws. He has extensive experience in commercial construction, architectural design, business, and planning. He serves as a County Fire Department Trustee, is Trustee of the Montana Forest Stewardship Foundation, the Montana Forest Legacy, and Forest Stewardship Steering Committees; is a member of the “Kitchen Cabinet” of Major General Paul Vallely’s Stand Up America U.S.A., a member of the Montana Farm Bureau, lifelong member of the NRA, is active in the Montana Policy Institute (a free-market think tank), is the Chairman of the Madison County Republican Central Committee, and is a member of American Stewards of Liberty-and-Freedom Advocates. Dan can be reached at

Aaron Russo AARON RUSSO, (deceased) was an American entertainment businessman, film maker, Libertarian political figure, and proponent of tax and monetary reform. He was best known in political circles for his documentary movie, America; Freedom to Fascism, which is a clarion call to action against the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the Income Tax. He was a recipient of the Freedom Force Champion-of-Freedom Award. During his career in the entertainment industry, Russo was manager for Bette Midler from 1972 to 1979 and the producer of such well known films as The Rose (starring Midler), Trading Places (starring Eddie Murphy), and Wise Guys (starring Danny DeVito). He was awarded an Emmy for a Bette Midler TV special, and a gold record for producing the Soundtrack to The Rose. In 1989, he directed Rude Awakening. His films have received six Academy Award nominations, a Tony Award, and a number of Golden Globe awards.Russo became a political activist in the early 1990s when he produced and starred in a video opposing a national ID card and government suppression of freedom-of-choice in health care. He ran in the Republican primary for Governor of Nevada in 1998, placing second with 26% of the vote. Aaron passed away on August 24, 2007, after a long bout with cancer. He was a man of great principle, a fabulous human being, and a bright beacon for liberty.

Jon Schaffer JON SCHAFFER is founder of the internationally known heavy metal band, ICED EARTH which has sold over 3 million albums worldwide. Jon is a musician, poet, and writer. He felt things were greatly amiss for many years but was awakened after reading The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen and The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. Since then, he has continued his research and has written powerful freedom-loving lyrics for a CD entitled Brush-Fires of the Mind, under his new solo label, ‘Sons of Liberty’. You can download and listen for free to Brush-Fires of the Mind at Jon says: "This is about the message and not the messenger. It is a project that I encourage you to copy and share with your friends. I care very much about what is happening in our world. We’ve been steamrolling down this road for a long time, so I assure you this is not a politically biased message. I’m hoping to set a few brush-fires in the minds of the listeners with this one." Here is a short interview of G. Edward Griffin conducted by Jon in May, 2010. Jon can be reached at

Phil Hart PHIL HART is a fourth-term Idaho State Representative who has written numerous important bills, including a silver-currency bill and legislation requiring safety testing and reduced usage of whole-body x-ray scanners. He also championed Idaho’s rejection of the national Real ID program. Phil is the author of Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?, a book that challenges the legal and constitutional basis of our national income tax. The IRS tried to compel him to turn over a list of every person that bought his book, but he refused to comply. The Center for Individual Rights, a Washington D.C. public-interest law firm, successfully defended him on this issue. Phil is a civil and structural engineer licensed in 14 states. He has a master's degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the winner of two World-Cup races on the Masters FIS Alpine Ski Racing series and qualified for the U.S. Cycling Nationals the first time he rode a 25-mile time trial. Later, he came within 6 seconds of the American record for the 10-mile time trial. You can learn more about Rep. Hart by visiting these websites: and

Richard Grove RICHARD GROVE filed for federal whistleblower protection under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. In 2006, he released on mp3 a 2-hour public disclosure “Project Constellation: A Message to the Future of America”. Since then, Richard has created more than 500 hours of educational and informative media productions, including a comprehensive conscious curriculum (a.k.a. “The Peace Revolution Podcast”). Some of his more powerful publications include: State of Mind: The Psychology of Control (2013 co-production), The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto (2012), The Peace Revolution Podcast (2009-Present), 20/20 Hindsight CENSORSHIP on the Frontline (2010), and Project Constellation (2006).Richard can be reached at

Catherine Austin Fitts CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS served as Managing Director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Company, as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer. She is now the president of Solari, Inc. and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. She has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Wharton School, and studied Mandarin at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She serves on the board of The Scoop, a news web site in New Zealand. She can be reached at

Tom DeWeese TOM DE WEESE is the founder of the American Policy Center and publisher of The DeWeese Report. His interest in public affairs began in 1974 when he was a candidate for the Ohio Legislature. He started The DeWeese Company in 1985 and founded the American Policy Center in 1988. He has been an outspoken defender of property rights and an opponent of intrusive government, especially when it hides behind the mask of “sustainable development.” He is the driving force behind a national coalition of freedom-minded organizations called Freedom 21, which holds annual conferences and has become an important leadership network. Tom may be reached at

Lawrence ReedLAWRENCE W. ("LARRY" REED became president of the Foundation for Economic Education in 2008. Prior to that, he was a founder and president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan. He also taught Economics full-time and chaired the Department of Economics at Northwood University in Michigan from 1977 to 1984. Larry holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Grove City College (1975) and a Master's degree in History from Slippery Rock State University (1978), both in Pennsylvania. He holds two honorary doctorates, one from Central Michigan University (Public Administration—1993) and Northwood University (Laws—2008). A champion for liberty, Reed has authored over 1,000 newspaper columns and articles, dozens of articles in magazines and journals in the U. S. and abroad. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, among others. He has authored or co-authored five books, the most recent ones being A Republic—If We Can Keep It and Striking the Root: Essays on Liberty. He is frequently interviewed on radio talk shows and has appeared as a guest on numerous television programs, including those anchored by Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel on FOX Business News. Larry can be reached at

Katherine Albrecht KATHERINE ALBRECHT, Ed.D., is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on consumer privacy. She is a co-author of Spychips; How Major Corporations Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID. Shortly after publication, her book zoomed to the top of’s best-seller charts and was awarded the prestigious Lysander Spooner Award for Advancing the Literature of Liberty. Katherine is the Founder and Director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering). She is in great demand as a speaker on the topic of consumer privacy. She has been an expert witness before numerous government committees and a featured guest on over a thousand radio and TV programs. Executive Technology magazine has describer her as “perhaps the country’s single most vocal privacy advocate.” Wired magazine calls her the “Erin Brockovich of RFID.” Katherine graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and she holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University. Her websites are and She can be reached at Her phone number is 877-287-5854.To hear Katherine's Freedom Force conference call recorded on January 26, 2008 in which she described what the government and mass marketing corporations have planned for us, click here.

Adrian SalbuchiADRIAN SALBUCHI is an Argentine consultant, researcher, author and public speaker, specializing in New World Order power structures and their economic, financial, and monetary mechanisms. He is a member of CREAR - Consejo Regional Estratégico Argentino (i.e., Argentine Regional Strategic Council) and CEEMFRA - Centro de Estudios Económicos Mariano Fragueiro (i.e., Mariano Fragueiro Economic Studies Center). He has authored several books and many essays on Geopolitics and Economics written in Spanish, notably, "El Cerebro del Mundo: la Cara Oculta de la Globalización" (i.e., “The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization”), "Argentina: ¿Colonia Financiera?" (i.e., “Argentina: A Financial Colony?”), and "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial" (i.e., “Welcome to the Jungle: Domination and Survival in the New World Order”). Adrian is host to several radio talk-shows, notably, "El Traductor Radial" and "Bienvenidos a la Jungla", and has spoken in hundreds of conferences, panels, congresses, and seminars at universities, schools, NGO's, the Argentine Army and Air Force War Schools, and political and economic centers throughout Latin America. He appears regularly on local television and radio programs. A series of his videos in English and Spanish on these subjects is available on YouTube. He is the founder of the “Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina” (a political project to found a Second Argentine Republic as a necessary initial step to overcome Argentina's present difficulties). Adrian lives with his wife in Buenos Aires and has four adult children. His web site is where many of his English articles have been posted, and he can be contacted at

Karel Beckmand KAREL BECKMAN is a writer and journalist. Since 2007, he has been Editor-in-Chief of the independent online journal, European Energy Review. He worked for six years as reporter and editor at the Dutch financial newspaper, Financieele Dagblad. In 1992 he published a nonfiction book (in Dutch) exposing various environmentalist hoaxes, including global warming, acid rain, and depletion of resources (Het Broeikaseffect Bestaat Niet – De Mythe van de Ondergang van het Milieu, Amsterdam, 1992, second edition 1993). Karel is co-author (with Frank Karsten) of the book Beyond Democracy – Why democracy does not lead to solidarity, prosperity and liberty but to social conflict, runaway spending and a tyrannical government. The authors show why democracy is essentially a socialist system fundamentally at odds with liberty and the rule of law, and they offer an appealing alternative: a political system based on the ideology of individualism, which is the foundation for personal freedom and voluntary social relations. Beyond Democracy is being translated into German and Polish. It can be ordered through Amazon here. For more information:

Vincent EastwoodVINCENT EASTWOOD, a citizen of New Zealand, was born in the ominous year of 1984, the same year set out in Orwell's masterpiece and the year of New Zealand's neo-liberal economic reforms. After working in the telecommunications industry he quit because of concerns over what he perceived as a conflict between corporate profits and ethics. Since then, he has become an independent news commentator known to his many followers as Mr. News. He has given a voice to New Zealand's activists who are dissatisfied with the country's present political and social climate. His vision is to create an alternative media revolution with Guerilla media, to replace the mainstream with something that's relevant to the cause of freedom. As an ardent patriot and activist, Vinny has risked arrest many times to get video footage of kiwi protests and is known for his flamboyant style of film making, both in the political sphere and music events. Listen to The Vinny Eastwood Show 5 days a week. He calls it "the lighter side of genocide because, in a world so full of chaos, if you lose you're sense of humor you'll go nuts." He can be contacted here.

Devvy KiddDEVVY KIDD is Founder and Director of the Project on Winning Economic Reform (POWER), a grassroots effort to motivate Americans to disable the mechanisms that are bringing America to ruin ( She has made more than 2,300 guest appearances on talk radio shows plus countless personal speaking appearances. She ran for Congress in 1994 and 1996. She has held various civilian positions with the Department of Defense, including Administrative Officer for the Department of the Army and was Contract Administrator for the Air Force Space Command at Peterson AFB. While at Peterson, she filed a fraud, waste & abuse complaint against her own job. Not surprisingly, her employment contract was not renewed. In the 1980s, Devvy single-handedly launched a nation-wide protest movement to abolish the Federal Reserve, culminating in a massive demonstration in front of the Fed building in Washington D.C. and the delivery of 100,000 signed petitions to Congressmen and Senators. The Fed is still with us, of course, but Devvy’s efforts were instrumental in starting the monetary-awareness movement that is still gaining momentum today. She has authored two books: Why A Bankrupt America (1,650,000 copies sold) and Blind Loyalty (700,000 copies sold). These plus a large collection of her articles and special reports are available on CD ( Her regular columns appear on She can be reached at To hear Devvy's Freedom Force conference call recorded on October 28, 2007 in which she described her personal experiences and gave her view on how to prepare for what lies ahead for America, click here.

Michael BadnarikMICHAEL BADNARIK is a prominent political figure in the freedom movement. He was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in 2004. In 2006, he ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Texas 10th congressional district near Austin. He travels extensively delivering his acclaimed seminar called "An Introduction to the Constitution." Badnarik's political philosophy emphasizes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and adherence to the original intent of those who wrote the U.S. Constitution. In economics, he believes in laissez-faire capitalism, a system in which the only function of the government is the protection of individual rights from the initiation of force and fraud. Michael is a powerful spokeman for the principles expressed in the Freedom Force Creed of Freedom. He can be contacted at

Clyde ClevelandCLYDE CLEVELAND has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years with extensive experience in forming and managing ventures in real estate, wind mills, and environmentally friendly start-up companies. In 1986 he was named "The first socially conscious venture capitalist in America" at an international symposium on socially conscious investing. Clyde has been active for over 20 years in the movement to eliminate the income tax. He was the Libertarian candidate for Governor in Iowa in 2002. In 2008 he was elected to the Republican State Platform committee in Des Moines. He led the decade-long educational process in Jefferson County, Iowa which led to a 38% victory for Ron Paul in the Repbulican primary. The only clear county-wide win for the Paul campaign in 2008. He has written two books, Restoring the Heart of America, a Return to bottom-up Government, co-authored with Edward Noyes, and Common Sense Revisited. Clyde can be reached here.

Jay TaylorJAY TAYLOR is the editor of J Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter used to help paid subscribers understand the causes and protect themselves from the effects of our economic problems. Jay also is the host of a weekly radio show aired every Monday at 12:00 p.m. Mountain standard time at The name of his show is “Turning Hard Times into Good Times.” Jay is a frequent speaker at investment conferences, on radio programs, and on BNN, Canada’s national business TV channel. Jay has a BA degree in economics from Rutgers University and an MBA in finance and investments from Baruch College in New York. He has worked as a bank credit analyst, lending officer, and investment banker with several multinational banks in New York. Jay’s newsletter, which focuses on gold and gold related investments, was started in 1981. His interest in gold commenced when Dr. Payton Yoder, a history professor at Hesston College, in Kansas, offered his thesis that work ethics and morality of nations decline as their currencies are debased. Since then Jay has watched Dr. Yoder’s prophetic words come true. The views of Dr. Yoder combined with the wisdom of free market (Austrian) economics have provided Jay with the foundation he uses to financially help investors and citizens to understand the cause of our problems and what we as a nation can do to reverse them. Jay can be reached at

Sherri TenpennyDR. SHERRI TENPENNY is respected as one of America’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians, warning against the negative health impact of vaccines. A graduate of the University of Toledo in Ohio, she received her medical training in Kirksville, Missouri. She was board certified in emergency medicine through 2005 and she is currently board certified in osteopathic manipulative medicine. She is founder of Osteomed II, an integrative medicine clinic located in Cleveland, Ohio, which focuses on women’s health, eliminating chronic pain, and a unique method for asthma and allergy relief. Patients from 38 states and 9 countries have regained health through methods applied by her team at Osteomed. Known for her ability to present scientifically researched, complex information in a simplified version for audiences of all backgrounds, Dr. Tenpenny has authored the books, Fowl; Bird Flu Is Not What You Think and Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages and she has produced many educational CDs and DVDs. Her speaking career has evolved into opportunities as an international consultant for companies in Mexico, India, Columbia and Trinidad. She is an active member of many advisory boards, including the International Medical Tourism Association. Dr. Tenpenny is a tireless crusader on behalf of freedom-of-choice in health care, including the freedom to refuse vaccination. Her web sites are and She may be reached at

Bob KneisleyBOB KNEISLEY is an author and investment consultant who began his financial services career in 1972. He has written two books: The Indicator! and The Wall Street Casino. (Freedom Force members are entitled to a 10% discount when they order The Wall Street Casino book at with the passcode FREEDOM.) He is a native of Toledo, Ohio and a graduate of the University of Toledo. He has taught “Investments” for the American College and is a Charter Member of Authors on the Net. He is a Charter Member of the Toledo Chapter of the International Association of Financial Planners and is a pension consultant accredited by the National Institute of Pension Administrators. Mr. Kneisley is a member of the Profit Sharing Council of America and founder of the Winning Investment Network. He publishes the popular “Wealth Building Digest” newsletter and has been published in Financial Planning magazine, the Advisor Network, and various trade publications. Bob is a strong advocate of fee-only consulting, which means that he and his firm do not receive commissions from the sale of investment products they recommend. His Investors Ally Group provides private branding products and services to the fee-only advisory profession. Bob’s web site is He can be reached at that web site.

Servando Gonzalez SERVANDO GONZALEZ is a Cuban-born American writer. He received his training as a historian at the University of Havana and has written books, essays, articles, and multimedia on Cuban and Latin American history, intelligence and espionage, semiotics, and political satire. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista; Fidel Castro para herejes y otros invertebrados, Observando, The Secret Fidel Castro: Deconstructing the Symbol, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and La madre de todas las conspiraciones: una novela de ideas subversivas. He currently is working on his second novel, Juegos mentales: una novella de guerra psicológica, which deals with the Bogotazo riots and the true origins of the CIA. His articles have been published in many magazines, newspapers, and websites in the U.S. and abroad. As a multimedia developer, Servando authored many computer programs, among them: Hypertext for Beginners, Popol Vuh: An Interactive Text/Graphics Adventure, The Riddle of the Swastika: A Study in Symbolism, and How to Create Your Own Personal Intelligence Agency. His documentary, Treason in America; The Council on Foreign Relations, the first program of the TruhLies series, appeared in mid 2008. The next program, Partners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, will appear in early 2009. Servando’s web site is He can be reached at

Joan Veon JOAN VEON (deceased) was a businesswoman and international journalist who was well known for her expose of global governmental conferences that have been coordinating the movement among nations to abandon their sovereignty and merge into world government. She boldly confronted key officials of these events and, amazingly, was allowed to interview many high level movers and shakers where she recorded their comments, asked the bottom-line questions, and brought home the real facts. She reported on United Nations and UN-related conferences, the IMF/World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Free Trade Areas of the Americas, the International organization for Security Commissions, the World Economic Forum, the International Criminal Court, several meetings on Reinventing Government, and many more. She appeared on many radio shows across the U.S. For fifteen years she wrote a geo-political newsletter which was merged into her economic newsletter. As Executive Director for The Women’s International Media Group, Inc., she authored two books: Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince and The United Nations Straitjacket.

Bernard von NotHaus BERNARD von NOTHAUS is one of the world's foremost experts on private currencies and alternative economics. He is the originator of the American Liberty Dollar, a paper currency that is fully backed by silver and gold. For 25 years, Bernard was the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint. His work has been catalogued over the past three decades in television, radio, and print. He was a major contributor to the documentary, Super Structures: Making Money, aired on The Learning Channel. He has been featured by Paul Harvey, Forbes Magazine, the L.A. Times, and numerous books and publications. Bernard studied Art and Architecture at Kansas State University for six years. Since 1974, when he wrote, To Know Value - An Economic Research Paper, he has continued to study economics and monetary history. In 1997 he wrote Free Market Currency and proposed the world's first working model for an "Organic Monetary Standard." In 2003, he contributed to and edited The Liberty Dollar SOLUTION to the Federal Reserve. He is well known in the numismatic community as an original thinker who relishes complex problems. The Liberty Dollar organization is online at: He can be contacted at:

Kathy Fettke KATHY FETTKIE Kathy Fettke is a real estate investor, certified personal coach, and host of The Real Wealth radio show. She specializes in helping people build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios through creative finance and careful planning. She is the founder of the Real Wealth Network and past-president of American Women in Radio & Television. She received her BA in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University and worked in the newsrooms of CNN, FOX, CTV and ABC-7. She became a certified personal coach through the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. In 2001, she took the coaching process to television and produced a cable show called "DREAM" which, for 90 days, followed the process of 6 people going after their dreams. Kathy noticed a recurring theme on her show: dreams often cost money, and most people don't know how to get it! Her show sponsor was a real estate expert, and the segments they produced changed her life. After interviewing dozens of real estate millionaires, Kathy discovered their secrets and now is passionate about sharing that information with her listeners. She lives in Northern California with her husband, Rich, and her two daughters. She can be reached at

Charles Lee DR. CHARLES LEE is one of the few political prisoners held and tortured in Chinese prisons who has survived to tell about it. He is a recipient of the Freedom Force Champion-of-Freedom Award. Charles was born in Jiangsu province, China. After receiving a medical degree, he came to the United States in 1991 for graduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He graduated in 1995 with a Master's degree in Physiology and went to Harvard to do research. Later, he moved to Menlo Park, California, where he ran a small business. He became an American citizen. In January 2003, Charles returned to China to proclaim the truth about government persecution of Falun Gong, a non-violent, spiritual movement dedicated to ”Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance”. This was his second trip for that purpose, and the Communist government by then was aware of his intent. He was arrested when he stepped from the plane in the Guangzhou City Airport and sentenced to 3 years in prison. During his detention, he was beaten, force-fed, and tortured, including being handcuffed in painful positions for days, tied to a board with his limbs painfully outstretched for long-periods of time, and being deprived of sleep. At the end of his three-year sentence, on January 21, 2006, Charles was released and returned to San Francisco. Since then, he has been a strong and tireless voice against the evils of the Communist rulers of China and has warned Americans against thinking that China ever will be wooed away from Communism by trade and aid. He may be reached at:

Rayelan Allan RAYELAN ALLAN is the Publisher of Rumor Mill News, one of the most popular alternative news web sites on the Internet. It has become a network with more than 150 journalists and commentators from all over the world. It covers every conceivable topic. Readers are from all walks of life. Ages range from 16 to 96. A feature section, called Citizen Reporters, makes it possible for ANYONE to become a contributor. Rayelan was married to Gunther Russbacher, a whistleblower who said that, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1980, GHW Bush worked a deal with the Iranian government to hold on to the American hostages until after the election so as to shift public sentiment from Carter to Reagan during the election. Russbacher claimed that he personally flew the military jet that transported Bush to a Paris meeting with the Iranian heads of state. Russbacher subsequently was imprisoned. During his four years in American prisons, Rayelan traveled the country giving lectures and making radio and television appearances to keep the spotlight of public attention focused on his plight. Rayelan is an English teacher by profession and is the author of THE OBERGON CHRONICLES and DIANA, QUEEN OF HEAVEN, The New World Religion. In the 1980s, she hosted a talk show on the Monterey Peninsula and lectured on esoteric mysteries. Her fascination was and still is the Knights Templars. She has lectured at Manly Hall's Philosophical Research Society, the U.N,, and on Capitol Hill.
She may be contacted at
Her web site is

Howard Phillips HOWARD PHILLIPS since 1974 has been Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, an American, non-partisan, advocacy group working on behalf of personal liberty and national sovereignty. He is also Chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Alliance. Howard has been a national leader in many campaigns, such as: opposing the give-away of the Panama Canal during the 1970s; ending judicial tyranny; deploying the Strategic Defense Initiative; eliminating the graduated income tax; terminating federal subsidies to political activist groups; opposing the North American Union; promoting restoration of the Constitution; opposing politicized health care; and withdrawing from all institutions of the New World Order. During the Nixon Administration, Howard headed two Federal agencies, ending his Executive Branch career as Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, a position from which he resigned when Nixon reneged on his commitment to veto further funding for "Great Society" programs. He left the Republican Party in 1974 after two decades of service to the GOP as precinct worker, election warden, campaign manager, Congressional aide, Boston Republican Chairman, and assistant to the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. In 1992, 1996, and 1999 he was nominated by the U.S. Taxpayers’ Party (later renamed as the Constitution Party) as its Presidential candidate. He has published four books: The New Right at Harvard (1983), Moscow's Challenge to U.S. Vital Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa (1987), The Next Four Years (1992), and Victory 2000 (1999). Howard can be reached through his assistant at

Gary Franchi GARY FRANCHI, JR. is an avant-garde filmmaker, a radio-show host, and Founder of The Lone Lantern Society of America, a key propagator of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Gary established the Lone Lantern Society in his native Chicago as an activist organization in May of 2005. Since that time, the membership has grown exponentially from coast to coast. Gary produced and directed September 11: Evidence to the Contrary, a compilation film that has been viewed by over half a million people worldwide. He also produced the video montage, 9/11 We Fight for You, a testament to the victims and heroes of 9/11. Gary can be heard on his radio show Monday through Friday from 6-7 pm CST on the We-the-People Radio Network (WPRN). What originally began as a once-a-week 60-minute session quickly evolved into a weekday hotbed of political discourse with a large and passionate following. Gary can be reached at:
The Lone Lantern Society web site is:

Chelene Nightingale CHELENE NIGHTINGALE is a constitutional activist and organizer of political events which have received national and international attention. In Hollywood, she organized the “Free the Texas Three” march for Deputy Gilmer Hernandez and Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean. The march was featured on the nationally syndicated show “America’s Most Wanted.” In 2006, she was the campaign manager for the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Art Olivier. In 2010, she became the Constitution Party’s candidate for Governor of California, and has received endorsements from Chuck Baldwin, G. Edward Griffin, and the National Veterans Coalition. Chelene is listed In Marquis “Who’s Who”. Besides operating a family business, she currently is a homeschooling mother. She can be reached at

Jack Blood JACK BLOOD is a syndicated radio talk show host, freedom activist, and an investigative reporter. DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood has been broadcasting since 2001. Jack has been featured on ABC Nightline, CNN Anderson Cooper, the LA Times, and has been interviewed on talk shows and in print worldwide. DEADLINE LIVE doesn’t just cover the news, it UNCOVERS the news. With a lively, fast paced format, and tens of thousands of listeners, Jack has set new standards for American talk radio which are being emulated throughout the medium today. He resides in Austin, TX with his wife Toni and their son Fallon. DEADLINE LIVE airs 4 to 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday on the Genesis Communications Network and is syndicated to and to AM and FM radio stations across the USA. The live streams of the show are free. Jack can be reached at

John Hammell JOHN HAMMELL is Founder and President of International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF), created in 1996 to oppose the pharmaceutical industry’s effort to ban consumer access to therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals. IAHF is a consulting firm to the dietary supplement industry on legislative issues with a grass roots component of nearly 4,000 subscribers from 43 countries. It has been in the forefront of mobilizing opposition to the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission. John’s message is that Codex is merely a part of a larger scheme for societal control. Those who control food and nutrition will be masters of the people. Furthermore, the expansion of Codex is a rigged process in which the outcome of meetings is determined in advance. There is the appearance of two sides involved in strong negotiation, but the planned outcome is gradual surrender to global control. Health-freedom advocates will say: “Well, we tried, but we lost. That’s Democracy in action.” Hammell is a major challenge to this deception. John has consulted on health-related legislation in the U.S., Canada, the UK, the EU, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He has appeared on more than 300 radio programs pertaining to Codex. In 1997 he exposed the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Trade Associations (IADSA) as a controlled opposition group secretly representing pharmaceutical interests. IAHF is online at: John may be reached at:

Richard Boddie RICHARD BODDIE is President and Founder of The Motivators, a professional speakers’ bureau in Huntington Beach, California and is an adjunct professor in political science, business law at Coastline Community College in Fountain Valley. Richard was born in Elmira, New York, and raised in Rochester, where he was son, grandson, and great grandson of Baptist ministers. He was the first black youth to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout in Rochester. He also was the first African American to become a bank executive in that city's history. He is well known for political activism over the years, having been the "radical" president of the Student Bar Association while at Syracuse University College of Law, an anti-Vietnam War activist and community organizer in the 60s; a Congressional aide, and an executive with the National Center for Dispute Settlement of the American Arbitration Association in the 70s. He was a road manager and fund raiser for the 1984 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, a position he himself sought for the 1992 Presidential race. Richard ran for the U.S. Senate in California that same year and again in 1994 and also ran for Congress in 2000. He served as Chair of the Orange County Libertarian Party from 1996 -1998. He can be reached at:

Daneen Peterson DANEEN G. PETERSON, PHD., is an educator and researcher who is in the forefront of the battle to stop the merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada. Dr. Peterson has been a professor at both Temple and Jefferson Universities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she taught behavioral science research methodology and statistics. She now heads up, an Internet based movement providing the latest information and strategies for preserving American sovereignty. She is in demand as an authority on this topic and has posted many excellent research papers to her web site providing links to original resources, many of which are hard to locate. Her audio presentation to the members of Freedom Force on May 25, 2007, is a comprehensive overview of the history of this North-American merger, who is behind it, what motivates them, what is at stake, and what must be done to prevent it. It can be heard here. Dr. Peterson's web site is: She can be reached at:

Michael Herzog MICHAEL HERZOG is a popular talk-show host who began his radio career with KFNX in Cave Creek, Arizona. From there he moved to the Republic Broadcasting Network and now can be heard Monday through Friday on Liberty News Radio. He specializes in serious topics often relating to freedom and financial security. Michael has twenty-five years experience in Estate Planning and Personal Finance. He explains that he awoke from the hypnosis administered through Mainstream Corporate Media in 2005. Having been certified in Private Investigation along with his instincts telling him that Fox news wasn't reporting the 'real story,' he embarked on a journey down numerous journalistic trails researching everything from the Power Elite, the Neo-Con agenda, the North American Union, the Read I.D. Act, and the hidden United Nations agenda, to name just a few. In addition to his finance background, he also is a licensed pilot and an accomplished musician who writes music and plays guitar. Michael can be reached at

Vickie Karp VICKIE KARP is one of America's strongest voices on behalf of voter rights and honest elections.She is the National Chairperson of The Coalition for Visible Ballots, an activist organization affiliated with Freedom Force International. She is on the Board of Directors of Black Box Voting, a non-profit organization founded by Beverly Harris, who is one of the country’s leading investigative reporters exposing the fraud of electronic voting. She also serves as the Public Relations Director for Karen Renick’s VoteRescue group, based in Austin, Texas. She is co-editor, with Abbe Waldman DeLozier, of the book, HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America – 11 Experts Expose the Truth. She is co-host, with Karen Renick, of a weekly radio-talk show broadcast over the We-the-People Radio Network. Vickie is a prominent Realtor in Austin. In July of 2003, she became aware that new electronic vote machines being installed throughout the United States allowed election totals to be manipulated and election results "flipped" by anyone with a high school level of computer expertise, all without detection by election officials or the public. Since then, she has become a human dynamo on behalf of all-paper ballots which can be visually inspected and physically counted by real people. Vickie immediately began making public presentations to wake up her fellow citizens to the danger of electronic voting and soon was recognized as a leader in the crusade for vote integrity. She continues to speak on the latest developments in electronic voting and has delivered talks to Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Citizens’ groups, and the League of Women Voters. She has been interviewed on local and nationally syndicated radio and TV shows. Vickie can be reached at (512) 775-3737 or To hear Vickie's Freedom Force conference call recorded on June 17, 2007, click here.

Vernie Kuglin VERNIE KUGLIN is a retired FedEx pilot who became famous in 2003 when a jury in Memphis, Tennessee, acquitted her on six counts of tax evasion for which she could have received up to thirty years in prison. She refused to pay income taxes when her study of the Constitution and tax laws led her to conclude that the IRS, itself, was not following the law. She also challenged mandatory tax-withholding, which in her view also was not constitutional. She wrote to the IRS on several occasions asking them to identify the laws that require her to pay an income tax, but never received a reply. As a result, she found herself standing alone against the IRS and also the legal staff of FedEx, which was sympathetic but not willing to incur the wrath of the government. After hearing her arguments, the jury agreed that she was justified in questioning the legality of the IRS and that her refusal to comply was based, not on a desire to evade taxes, but on a desire to force the government to obey the Constitution or, at the very least, to produce a law that requires American citizens to pay income taxes. Amazingly, the government was unable to produce any such law, a fact that weighed heavily on the minds of the jurors. The court ruled that her acquittal did not remove her tax liability but did release her from criminal charges for not paying them. The real significance of this story is, not the validity of the income tax, but that there are few people like Vernie Kuglin who are willing to take such a courageous and seemingly hopeless stand on behalf of their political convictions. The world needs more like her, and we are proud to have her as a member of Freedom Force. Vernie may be contacted at:

Doug Rokke DR. DOUG ROKKE is a career army officer who was the Pentagon's most senior DU (Depleted Uranium) expert during the first Gulf War. He became a whistleblower when he discovered the massive illness and death inflicted on civilians, combatants, and even his own men who were assigned to clean up the mess, a task that was never completed. He was ordered to conceal this truth from the world, an order that, in response to conscience, he has not followed. Doug has confirmed that Iraq did have biological weapons as early as 1990, but they came from the U.S. Army ostensibly to be used against Iran and the Kurds. The destruction of these stockpiles during the U.S. invasion in 2003 caused a deadly spill into the environment that harmed Iraqis and American troops alike. This incredibly important testimony was recorded and now may be heard on the Freedom Force web site here. Doug now has devoted his life to telling the truth as he knows it from first-hand experience. He has devoted the rest of his life to telling the truth about this global threat to health as he knows it from first-hand experience. He may be reached at

Sherry Peel Jackson SHERRY PEEL JACKSON, CPA, CFE has over 21 years experience in public, private, and governmental accounting. As an IRS agent, she performed financial reviews, compliance audits, fraud audits, and financial training seminars. She investigated fraud and embezzlement, helped prosecute bribery suspects, and managed special investigation projects. Now, as an ardent opponent of the IRS because of what she believes to be fraudulent activities on the part of the agency itself. she consults with and educates American taxpayers who seek personal and financial freedom. Sherry is trained as an expert witness and has been involved in litigation support. She is versed in many aspects of accounting and finance and now conducts educational seminars to teach people how to keep what they earn, protect it, and make it grow. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. She is an expert on Asset Protection, Debt Elimination, Wealth Creation, International Investments, and International Real Estate. She may be contacted at:

Mary Tocco MARY TOCCO is an educator on natural health with special expertise in dangerous side effects of vaccines. She is well known for her acclaimed video presentation, Are Vaccines Safe?, which has been seen on the Internet by over 80,000 people. In 1994, Mary became involved with Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, a non-profit organization supporting the right of parents to waive vaccines if they choose. She testified before the government health policy committee and was instrumental in stopping a bill that would have denied a “philosophical exemption”. She founded the Precious Health Campaign, is on the Board of World Association for Vaccine Education, is the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, and is on the panel of Ask-the-Experts for Mothering Magazine. Her testimony was recorded on our REality Zone conference call and can be heard here. Her 3-hr seminar is available on DVD here. For more information, her web site is Mary can be reached at

Rodney Stich RODNEY STICH is a whistleblower whose testimony has exposed massive corruption within the airline industry and also within government agencies that are supposed to regulate that industry. As a retired airline captain and former investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration, he speaks from first-hand knowledge about government cover-ups of some of the worst airline disasters in history. He is a knowledgeable critic of the 911-Commission Report and has exposed how committee members ignored vital information that he and others submitted. For information about Mr. Stich’s books, including photographs and free downloads of major segments dealing with disasters he has investigated, go to: His extended biography is at www/ He may be contacted at

Marcy Brooks MARCY BROOKS, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, found herself at the center of a news storm when, in May of 2000, she was chosen to serve on a jury that declared defendant Whitey Harrell not guilty of failing to pay income taxes. She convinced the jury that the defendant was innocent since he claimed there was no law requiring him to do so and the prosecution gave no evidence proving his guilt. During the trial, the jurors repeatedly asked the court to provide them with a copy of the law that requires citizens of Illinois or any other state to pay income taxes. The judge said the law would be produced in due course but finally backed off saying the jury had all it was going to get. Marcy concluded that Whitey Harrell was a law-abiding citizen and that the IRS and the court were the ones violating the law. Some of the jurors were inclined not to rock the boat and wanted to go along with the government to avoid controversy, but Marcy spoke on behalf of truth and justice even in the face of popular opinion and government intimidation. She convinced the jury to stand on principle, and the rest is history. Her story provides a powerful example of what just one person can do in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. For a newspaper account of the case, go to: Marcy can be reached at:

Dr. Robin Falkov DR. ROBIN FALKOV is at the forefront of a new discipline in medical technology that uses light to treat disease. She is a physician and herbalist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a Diplomate of the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners, and is trained in traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Falkov has had extensive experience with LED light therapy, a new technology involving the use of selective-frequency light photons to stimulate biological reactions favorable to natural healing. She also is an activist in the health-freedom movement to prevent control of our health care system from falling into the hands of international organizations that are heavily influenced by the global pharmaceutical industry. Her web site,, is a lively source of news and activism on behalf of freedom-of-choice in health care. She may be contacted at To hear Dr. Falkov's Freedom Force conference call recorded on June 17, 2007, click here.

Patricia Griffin PATRICIA GRIFFIN, R.N., is the co-author (with John Richardson. M.D.) of Laetrile Case Histories; The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience. This book contains 62 case histories proving beyond any doubt that Laetrile (Vitamin B-17) works in the control of cancer. One of its earlier editions was published by Bantam Books and sold over 100,000 copies. It has been updated since then and continues to have a major impact on the field of alternative (drugless) health care. A strong theme of this book is that the optimum treatment of any disease is impossible without freedom-of-choice for both patient and physician. Freedom-of-choice is one of the Three Commandmants of Freedom elsewhere on this site. Pat is a native Californian who grew up in Michigan. She was graduated from the University of Michigan School of Nursing. After working as a psychiatric nurse and in public health nursing, she returned to college and received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She later attended UCLA and received a P.F.P. certification from the School of Business and Management. She lives in Southern California with her husband, G. Edward Griffin. She is one of the original members of Freedom Force, having signed her enrollment form on the first day of its existence, December 12, 2002. Laetrile Case Histories is available at:

Don Nikoloff DON NICOLOFF is an investigative journalist and radio broadcaster. He hosts his own nightly radio show,"Evident Footprints," on the Galactic 7 Radio network and has appeared as a guest on scores of syndicated radio and TV shows in the U.S. and Canada. Don has written two major historical exposes for the Idaho Observer. The first was on "Wantagate," the story of Ambassador Leo Wanta's involvement in Cold War economic warfare and the subsequent embezzlement of trillions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury. The second was a three-part series covering a range of topics including the creation of the Federal Reserve, the theft of Nikola Tesla's assets and inventions, the deathbed confession of a Hitler bodyguard, and the Nazi plot to overthrow the U.S. government by internal subversion rather than conquest. Prior to the release of the movie. America: Freedom to Fascism, he worked as National Theatrical Screening Coordinator for producer, Aaron Russo. Don's articles can be found on the Internet at: and
His radio show can be accessed 11 pm., EST, Mon-Fri at:, Studios "M" and "N.
He can be reached at:

Jerri Ward JERRI LYNN WARD, J.D., is an attorney practicing in Austin, Texas, as the owner of the law firm Garlo Ward, PC. She describes herself as a Christian libertarian who is active in pro-life issues. In 2006, she was honored as Pro-Life Attorney of the Year by Texas Right to Life. This was in recognition of her efforts in representing families and testifying before the Texas Legislature against the Texas Futile Care Statute. Futile Care laws allow a medical facility to discontinue life-sustaining treatment against the wishes of the patient or guardian if that treatment is considered medically inappropriate by the medical team. Jerri served as the attorney for the families of Andrea Clark and Baby Emilio Gonzales against hospitals that tried to remove life-sustaining treatment from them. She is the hostess of a monthly talk radio show, “I Object! Justice Examined” which is aired on Right Talk Radio. She was a guest host on Mychal Massie’s show “Straight Talk” and has been a guest on many others, including Geraldo. She is a member of the Austin Ron Paul Meetup Group. She blogs at Sue Bobs Diary: She can be reached at:

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