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Updated 2006 February 21

On April 1, 2004, a new member in the state of Washington wrote to a fellow member in Los Angeles and asked what to expect from Freedom Force in the way of training and assistance. The letter was forwarded to me for response and, because I am sure it reflects the thinking of many, I am reprinting it below. My reply is at the end.

Thank you for writing to me, I appreciate your time and energy. I would like to receive future communications about the group’s activities and stay in touch with my fellow freedom fighters from around the world. Communication remains the backbone of all organizations, large and small, so staying in touch is essential. However, after reviewing the membership packet and the contents of your last correspondence, I am already feeling the shadow of uncertainty. Not about the mission, but about my place in the organization.

I have already gleaned that I am alone in my area, but am I alone in Washington? Are the closest members in California? What kind of training could I expect if I recruit 6 members and form a chapter? Do you have any good ideas for recruiting? How much autonomy do I have as a member, and is the Internet the only support available? Can we do phone calls? Meetings of the minds? What are you’re broader tactics for influencing power centers? Is there extra training that I could receive within the next six months dealing with education, tactics, and overall strategy?

Right now, I am just throwing out ideas. I am 24 years old and full of dreams and ambitions, all just waiting to get out and make a difference. I have learned a lot in the past 5 years, seen truth more clearly than others around me. This increased my drive to create positive change, and when I find a group that desires to take action, I want to get started right away.

I will spend the next six months recruiting and form a chapter. I will educate myself and others about the concepts and core principles of freedom shown in the Creed. I will share our message with all who show interest in what is happening to our country and the world. These are my goals for now, they will be amended and added to later, but they will suffice right now.

Please write back with answers, thoughts, comments,

Josh Kilen


Hello Josh.

Roger forwarded your message to me in expectation that I might want to reply directly, and he is right. Your thoughts and questions are excellent and deserve careful consideration.

My general response is that none of us are 100% certain about what our roles will be in the days ahead. We are charting unexplored territory, and there are no roadmaps or signposts. That means we will be discovering most of the answers as we go. Actually, this is not altogether bad. It means we are going to have a lot of excitement in our lives. We will undoubtedly make mistakes and false starts, but that’s how we will learn our craft - and learn it we will.

The specific answers to questions about autonomy and organizational support are difficult at this stage of development. I can say, however, that our members and chapters have a GREAT degree of autonomy, and it is our hope that, eventually, we will have sufficient staff to provide a GREAT deal of support - not only from the Internet, but also from professional cadre in the field.

Our movement is based on the assumption that variety of approach is a positive force, much better than trying to control and direct everything from a monolithic command center. The only control we need is to insure that our members and field units do not violate the Creed of Freedom, the Code of Conduct, or the administrative procedures in the bylaws. That’s our only requirement. Beyond that, the sky is the limit, and we anticipate that this unfettered human action will release an explosion of energy and creativity that will be unstoppable.

Training programs on the Internet and in local seminars eventually will play an important role in our mission, but that will have to wait until adequate funding materializes. In the meantime, there is much that can be learned simply by staying close to the organization’s web site and email communications.

Thanks again for being with us.

Ed Griffin

Since these words were written, much has happened to illustrate the value of this approach. There is no better illustration than the activity reports from our dynamic chapter in Sydney, Australia. If you really want to know what members do, there is no better answer than to read these reports. They can be accessed from our Activities section. One of the most interesting series can be viewed here.

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