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20112:56 AM 5/14/20122 May 14

The following is Mr. Griffin's response to inquiries about a proposed law that would require state and federal legislators to swear that they have read any bill in its entirety on which they vote Yes.

The problem is not that legislators don't read the bills as much as it is that they wouldn't vote correctly even if they did read them. Most legislators today are collectivist at best and crooks at worst. Making them read the bills assumes that most of them are really fine, upstanding people and, if they only understood the nature of the bills they pass, they would not do it. That is a fairy tale. They know full well what the bills will do and they simply don't care – or worse, they desire the outcome. Many of them are pathological liars, and they would have no trouble lying about having read the bills, anyway. It could be argued that this is "feel-good" legislation that, even if passed, would make no difference whatsoever.

This reminds me of the proposal to limit Congressional terms. It sounds good, but would anything really change? The same uninformed voters who elected the first crooked politician will easily elect another crooked politician as his successor, perhaps even worse. And, in those rare occasions where we are lucky enough to get a good politician, such as Ron Paul, he would not be allowed to stay in office! How silly it all is when the problem is not how long they are in office but what their political principles are. We cannot stop sending political bums to Congress merely by limiting their terms. There is an endless supply. Anyway, their terms already ARE limited to two years. If we don't like them at that point, we simply don't re-elect them. It's our option. We don't solve the problem by eliminating our options.

We cannot fix problems in Washington with technical formulas, such as limited terms or forcing the reading of bills. We must focus on getting the right people into office with the right political principles. That, of course, is not so easy, because it requires a deeper understanding of political theory and ideology, something that the public has, so far, shown little interest in – but it is the only way out of the mess we are in.

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