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The Audio Archives is a series of dynamic recordings on freedom, monetary, and health issues, dramatic events in history, and true-life adventures. It is produced by G. Edward Griffin, President of The Reality Zone and Founder of Freedom Force International. The recordings are taken from his personal collection and many were recorded by him personally. Each volume contains three CDs (or cassette tapes) with a total playing time of approximately 3 hours.

Chartered Members of Freedom Force receive every program in this series free, including shipping. They also are entitled to make as many copies as they wish for friends provided they are not sold, altered, or used for a commercial or partisan venture.

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Volume 5

Volume 5
contains three CDs in an attractive DVD-style case, shown at left. Clear plastic cases, shown below, may be substituted at a cost of $1 per case.

Medicine Man

Medicine Man among the Jivaros
Dr. Wilburn Ferguson is the only white man ever to become an authentic medicine man among the fierce Jivaro head hunters in the jungles of Ecuador and Peru. This is the man whose adventures inspired the movie, Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery, but the real story is far more intriguing than the Hollywood version. Ferguson discovered herbal medicines that could benefit mankind but was betrayed by leaders of modern medicine who suppressed his discoveries. 67 minutes.

Wilburn Ferguson
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From Maj. Jordan's Diaries

From Maj. Jordan's Diaries: The Man Who Sent the A-Bomb to Russia
Major George Racey Jordan was in charge of shipping U.S. war materials to Russia during World War II. In this address, he tells how he was instructed by the White House and State Department to deliver parts for the atomic bomb to the Soviets – at the same time the nation was worried about Russia stealing A-bomb secrets. At first, Congress did not believe him, but his diary filled with dates, shipping manifestos, and names of pilots who flew the missions, removed all doubt. 55 minutes.

Maj. George Racey Jordan
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The Myth and Meaning of Monopoly Capitalism

The Myth and Meaning
of Monopoly Capitalism

G. Edward Griffin refutes the myth that monopoly is the outgrowth of capitalism. Monopolists seek laws that give them advantage over their competitors. Monopoly is not based on free-enterprise competition but the escape from it. As John D. Rockefeller expressed it, “Competition is a sin!” Monopoly is not the product of capitalism but the bedfellow of collectivism, sometimes called socialism. It cannot exist without the aid of government to protect it through legislation. 46 minutes.

Ed Griffin
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