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by G. Edward Griffin 2007 July 27

Talk-show host, Hal Turner, has reported receiving a leaked copy of a "Top Secret" U.S. military document stating that massive citizen unrest in now inevitable and that it plans to deal with American dissidents as insurgents. The tactics are to be the same as used against "insurgents" in U.S occupied countries in the Middle East.

I cannot vouch for the validity of this document but I can say that it has the sound of truth. It is exactly the kind of startegic planning one would expect from a government with a rising tide of unrest from its citizens. We are providing a link to Hal Turner's report because we believe that the document probably is authentic, and Americans need to know what may be coming down the pike in the near future.

There is one point in this report, however, on which we disagree, and that is the primary reason for this short introduction. Turner believes that a physical confrontation between the U.S. military and an uprising of the American people would lead to the defeat of the military and an overthrow of the government. The implied message is:"Bring 'em on!"

I do not agree with this assessment. First, even though there are millions of gun owners in America, they are not in an organized milita or even in neighborhood watch groups for security against theives. Their numbers are large, but an unorganized mass with no leaders, no, training, no strategy, no communications, no funding, and no long-range goals is no match for an efficient and disciplined military force, especially when that force posesses weaponry that is a thousand times more powerful. The fact that the military in Iraq has not overcome its opposition is a good point but we should not overlook the fact that the military does control the government. Yes, Iraq is in turmoil, but the U.S. military will run the country as long as it is there.

The strategy of Freedom Force is, and always will be, to come to power by Constitutional means, not by force of arms. It is true that such a strategy seems to be less and less realistic with each new law and executive order, but we stand firm on our conviction that, without dominent influence within the power centers of society, true reform is not possible; but, with power centers on the side of freedom, all things are not only possible but inevitable.It will be a long and protracted war, but the only battlefield on which we can win is within the power centers of society, not barracades in streets and on rooftops.

Having said that, here is Hal Turner's report.

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