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Updated 2006 November 14

When you become a member, you will receive an immediate email acknowledgment. Within a few days you will receive a welcome letter that confirms your personal data and provides a copy of the most recent Membership Report.

If you were introduced to Freedom Force by a member of a local chapter, you probably will want to affiliate with that chapter, provided, of course, it is in your local area. If this is the case, you already will be in touch with at least one member of the chapter, and it will be that member’s responsibility to introduce you to the chapter president and other members. However, in this early stage of our development, it may happen that there are no chapters yet functioning in your immediate area. In that case, we will put you in contact with whatever members are close to you, and it will be up to you to build your own network from scratch. That’s not as hard as it may sound. Our members are doing this all the time.

When you enroll, you are automatically signed up to receive the monthly Freedom Force Membership Report, our weekly service called Unfiltered News, and periodic Announcements from The Reality Zone. The Reality Zone is our sister organization that specializes in books, audio, and video productions on a wide variety of topics. Although you will find titles on health issues and ancient-earth history, the primary focus is on freedom issues, and everything you need for your work in Freedom Force can be found there.

From that point forward, almost all of your communications from headquarters will be by email, so it is very important for you to establish an email account. Communications from your chapter president also will be by email, although you can expect plenty of phone contact, especially when you become involved in chapter projects.

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