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Aren't you afraid of harm from the powerful forces you oppose?

Recently, I received an email from a gentleman who had read my report entitled The Future Is Calling that is posted to the Freedom Force web site. He said:

“That was great writing, I was about to send copies to friends and family and consider becoming a member, but then something disturbing came over me. If half of what you are writing about is true, then surely your life must be in danger for exposing these people. I mean, if they really posses all this power, they could find you as easily as I have. Please explain how you have eluded these factions and, if I am to open my mind to your ideas, how would I protect myself if I join?”

Then he included a listing obtained from the Internet showing my home address and phone number. I replied as follows:

I am reminded of the story of a group of prisoners who were being marched to the courtyard to face a firing squad. They had heard the sound of rifles all morning and, as they approached the wall, they could see a large mound of dead bodies. One of the prisoners shook his fist at the firing squad and loudly cursed them: “You dirty, rotten scum. I hope you all burn in hell!” Whereupon the prisoner next to him said in a whisper: “Hey, buddy, be quiet. You want to get us all in trouble?”

The thought that we can avoid personal danger at this stage of the struggle for freedom is not realistic. There is no way to avoid the risk of harm, even if we cower in fear and do nothing. In fact, it is the other way around. The longer we delay taking a stand, the greater the risk becomes.

I have never attempted to hide. If we are to defend our freedom, we must engage the enemy in battle. We cannot do that while trying to be invisible. We must confront him face-to-face. There are risks, to be sure, but that is true in any battle. Thank God our forefathers did not try to hide. Their signatures on the Declaration of Independence and their pro-active measures afterward should be an inspiration for all of us, regardless of our nationality. Freedom is either worth the risk or it is not. Freedom Force is for those who believe it is.

Fear is the strongest weapon in the arsenal of totalitarianism. Do not let it overpower you. If we are afraid to defend our freedom, we surely will loose it. In the final analysis, there is more risk in trying to blend with the landscape than in standing up to be counted. I am brave enough to fight but too cowardly to surrender.

Collectivists in power usually deal with their opponents with a hierarchy of tactics. The first response is to ignore them. Usually, that is all that is necessary. Most individualists have no access to the major media, no funding, and no power base of loyal supporters. They cannot sustain a prolonged confrontation. Like a flash in the pan, they show promise for an instant and then disappear forever.

If that doesn’t work, the next response is to demonize individualists in the eyes of the public. That is accomplished by labeling them as crackpots, extremists, terrorists, child molesters, drug dealers, money launderers, tax evaders, sex deviants, scam artists, or anything else that will cause revulsion among their potential supporters. That is easy to do when the courts and the media are willing accomplices. I will never forget the first-hand example I witnessed in the 1970s when my good friend, Dr. John Richardson, began to use a new substance in the treatment of cancer. He was elated because, for the first time in his medical practice, he was saving the lives of patients that, with orthodox technology, would not have survived. The problem was that this substance was not on the FDA approved list, so they came after him. They took away his hospital privileges and, ultimately, his license to practice medicine. They raided his office, harassed his staff, and hauled him off to jail in handcuffs. It was classic collectivism in action.

The media was an important part of the sting. Cameramen had been alerted to the raid and were on the scene to capture the drama. When pictures appeared in the newspapers and on TV showing Dr. Richardson being hauled away in handcuffs, his acquaintances and neighbors shook their heads and said: “He seemed like such a nice person.”

When he was brought to trial, the charge against him was conspiring to smuggle illegal drugs. The substance he used for treatment was purchased from a supplier who could not document its legal importation into the country. Therefore, according to the court, it must have been smuggled, and Richardson was guilty of conspiring with smugglers. The public, which was never told that Dr. Richardson was actually saving lives, looked on with satisfaction thinking that their government was protecting them against medical quacks and charlatans who prey upon frightened, defenseless cancer patients.

The combined power of a corrupt judicial system and a compliant media is almost always sufficient to demonize and then imprison any potential leader who opposes collectivists in power, and this is accomplished with the passive approval of a propagandized public. I am not immune to this attack, nor is anyone else. Trying to conceal my address or phone number would make no difference. If they want to locate me, they will. If they want to demonize me, they will. If they want to imprison me, they will.

If opponents cannot be demonized or imprisoned, then the final resort of collectivists in power is to arrange a fatal accident or suicide or induced medical condition or, in extreme cases, a bullet or bomb. So be it. Such are the necessary risks of resisting tyranny.

On the positive side, one of the reasons Freedom Force is organized on the holographic model (as explained in Part Five of The Future Is Calling) it to minimize the probability of me or anyone else in our movement being killed in this fashion. Since our organization is designed to function without national or international leaders, there is little reason to eliminate them. In fact, doing so could backfire by increasing the fervor of our members and bringing thousands more into our ranks.

Also on the positive side is the fact that the more people we have in our movement the more likely our victory becomes. Each new member pushes the scale a little more in our favor – and the quicker we build an effective force, the better our chances. It will not be easier next week or next month – certainly not next year. So, if you value freedom for yourself and your family, there is no better time to join the crusade than now.

I will be happy to welcome you and your stouthearted friends into Freedom Force. We have much work to do.

In a more recent letter, a prospective member from Norway wrote:

I em Norwegian. If I join Freedom Force International, will I be monitored by anyone? (Norwegian government I.E) Sounds paranoid, I know, but the question remains: Are members under surveillance from anyone?

Best regards,
Toby Jaco (alias)

This was my reply:

Hello Toby.
To the best of my knowledge, none of our members are being monitored because of their membership. However, an important part of our mission is to reform our respective governments to prevent that from happening. To do so, people like us must stand up and be heard at every opportunity, freely expressing ourselves on the issues of freedom and integrity in government. That means we are not worried about being monitored. We WANT everyone to know what we believe and what we are trying to accomplish. If we remain quiet in the face of evil, then we can never hope to bring about a better world for ourselves or our children.

I will be happy to welcome you into Freedom Force.

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