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Q: What role does science play in Freedom Force?

A: We have explained elsewhere that the cement that binds our members together is the ideology of freedom, not theology. On the other hand, there are those who have elevated science to the level of religious dogma and revere it with the same fervor as others worship God. This is especially common among collectivists who claim that everything they do is “scientific.” Marx, Lenin, and Stalin called it scientific Socialism. Hitler exterminated Jews, Poles, and Gypsies in the name of science. In the field of physics and medicine, much of what was accepted as scientific truth a few decades ago is now discarded. One man’s science is another man’s myth. In terms of human values, science is indefinable.

Freedom Force does not operate in this arena. We do not wish to challenge anyone’s beliefs regarding the nature of the universe, the origin and purpose of life, or the relevance of science. We welcome everyone, regardless of his or her beliefs. However, to enable people with diverse views in such matters to work harmoniously toward their common cause of freedom, it is necessary that we do not require conformity of thought and that we focus on those things we hold in common rather than our differences. It is for these reasons that science is not at the center of our movement.

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