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Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt

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The first public presentation of Freedom Force,
2006 June 11. History in the making.

There have been many proposals for ways to reverse the global tide of collectivism, but none have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin, explains why. The reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a counter-force falls quickly into place. 67 minutes that will reveal …  An Idea Whose Time has Come.

Now. let’s go deeper. The following presentation was delivered on December 13, 2016, (ten years after the one above) at the 3rd Freedom Force Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. It is an extension of the topic of political power that was touched upon in the 2016 presentation but here it is more fully developed. It is called This Thing Called Power and it is essential for understanding the Freedom Force motto: Impotentes defendere libertatum non possunt (Those without power cannot defend freedom).

Organizational Structure

It would be foolish to think that Freedom Force will be forever ignored by the forces of collectivism. When we arrive at a point where the powers-that-be think we have the potential to become a genuine threat to their plans, they will have no choice but to come after us.

The formula for destroying their opposition is well known. The first phase is to monitor progress but do nothing. In most cases, action is not necessary simply because their opponents will leave the arena entirely on their own. Usually, they are lone individuals with no organized following, no financial resources, and no access to the media. They have no power. After they flash in the pan, they are soon forgotten.


If someone manages to attract a growing following and enough financial support to sustain an organization, phase two begins: demonization by media. Stories will appear everywhere at once condemning the victim for tax evasion, drug abuse, sex offenses, infidelity, racism, smuggling, terrorism, or hate crimes, to name just a few. There may be just enough fact in the stories to make them credible but, often, there is no truth in them at all. That makes no difference, however, because the public will believe the stories anyway. Once an individual is dragged through the media in this fashion, public support usually withers away. 


If this ploy should not work, phase three comes into play. Large sums of money, offers of lucrative employment, and zero-risk investments are hard to turn down. If victims have a dark event in their past, blackmail can be thrown into the mix. The threat of harm to loved ones is standard. This combination of carrot-and-stick is highly effective.  [Continued]

Strategy – Don’t go into battle without one

by G. Edward Griffin
Originally published 2017-12-28.  Updated 2018-09-06.

What you are about to read is one of the three most-important documents relating to the heart-and-soul of Freedom Force. A second document is The Chasm, which explains the core principles that all members hold in common as the foundation of our brotherhood. A third document is about the unique organizational structure that hardens our movement against infiltration from outside and corruption from inside. Strategy is the topic of this document, and it is the secret sauce of Freedom Force.

Because this is a long document, here is an overview of topics to give you a reader’s road map of what lies ahead. If you are interested in participating in Freedom Force, this is essential information.

Why Freedom Force focuses on principles instead of issues; the need to be pro-active with positive goals instead of defending the status quo; how a small group can influence the social and political policies of an entire nation; the necessity for full disclosure when using a strategy called ‘rings-within-rings’; Project Red Pill as the embodiment of that strategy; creating allies among people who do not yet understand the totality of the conflict between collectivism and individualism; the challenge of creating unity without conformity; one principle that can become common cause for the entire liberty movement; what is meant by: “Don’t fight city hall when you can BE city hall’; a look into the future at a hypothetical political party called ‘Born Free’.


Freedom Force is different from all other organizations dedicated to liberty. Most groups seeking to bring about positive change in society are issue oriented. Political parties, for example, have platforms praising or condemning specific political agendas and then they seek voter support for those platforms. Educational groups increase public awareness of current events and historical trends in hopes that this knowledge will translate into political or social change. In both cases, the focus is on issues: We should do this. We must oppose that. Positive social and political change would be impossible without endeavors of this kind.

The problem, however, is that a single organization cannot champion more than one or two issues at a time. Furthermore, even in cases where issue-related victories are won on the political front, they are short lived. The same challenges return again and again at every election until, eventually, the super-state wins. That’s because the cause of these problems remains – even when we have temporary victories. The cause of these problems is that the power centers of society remain in the hands of collectivists(1) and, as long as that condition remains, we can never succeed in the long run. Focusing only on issues is treating the symptom while ignoring the cause.

THE PURELY DEFENSIVE IS DEFEAT ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN. We have been like firefighters trying to put out hundreds of fires set by an insane arsonist. We run here and there, back and forth, with hoses and buckets, fighting one fire after another; but there are more than we can count. Five new fires are started for each one we put out, and we constantly lose ground while our beautiful city is destroyed. We will never make headway until we find the arsonist and put him out of business. Any effort that ignores the cause of the fires is doomed to failure. [Continued]

Mission Statement
(Short Form)

Our mission is twofold:
(1) To discover the lessons of history that reveal the social and political principles that are foundational to liberty; and
(2) To execute strategies that will embed those principles into the social mores and political codes of our respective cultures.

(Long Form)

The mission of Freedom Force International is to build a coalition of men and women from all parts of the world and all walks of life who are concerned over loss of liberty and growth of government power. In response to this concern, we are willing to devote a major portion of our lives and resources to reverse that trend.

To build such a coalition requires unity without conformity, diversity without conflict, and power without coercion, and a statement of principles that bind us together despite our many differences.

Those principles are stated in The Creed of Freedom, and The Code of Conduct. Together, they are the ideological and ethical gyroscope that guides us in everything we do and they allow us to stand firm against all the political nostrums of our day and far into the future.

The forces against liberty are global. They exist in all nations and prey upon all humanity. Therefore, our mission also must be global and pursued by men and women of good will in all nations, religions, and lifestyles.

Our relationship with others is not based on their group identity but their personal identity, which means their individual beliefs, actions, and character. This precludes us from criticizing anyone based on race, religion, ethnicity, class, or membership in an organization.

This also precludes favoratism on behalf of group identity, including religion. Our coalition is open to those of any theology so long as they personally honor the The Creed of Freedom, and The Code of Conduct. That, and only that, is our common cause. 

Most members of the coalition also belong to patriotic organizations and churches that exist specifically for advancing national and theological ideals, and we salute them in that endeavor. In fact, all of those groups are welcome in our coalition, not with the expectation of convincing everyone else to pledge loyalty to their nation or religious doctrine, but to build strength through numbers and to institutionalize the principles in the Creed and the Code.

We may differ on many things but, when we enter the coalition’s ideological tent of individualism and liberty, we leave our many differences outside. Inside the tent, we are united as brothers and sisters on behalf of the mission of Freedom Force.

All successful theological and ideological movements in history have been based on this principle of single focus. That includes, not only the major religions of the world, but the two main branches of collectivism (Communism and Fascism) would not have spread around the world without Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto and Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf aided by highly efficient organizational direction. Unfortunately, no such movements have ever focused on liberty except in general terms and with intent to simply replace the bad guys with the good guys – not to change the storyline, but merely to replace the characters in the story.

It could be argued that the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution were prior examples of an attempt to change the system. However, although the Magna Carta was the first written constitution in Europe, and although it did put a few restraints on King John of England, it was all about the right of the Barons, not the peasants who had no more liberty afterward than before. The document was an agreement between those in power and was never intended to be the blueprint for a popular movement beyond the ruling elite.

Likewise, the U.S. Constitution was the founding document of a political entity – a “federation” of thirteen independent governments (former colonies) – for their mutual defense and a few enumerated functions for their common benefit. It was not the foundation of a movement that would function outside the state as a teacher and a watchdog: a teacher to explain and popularize the principles of liberty; a watchdog (outside the state) to guard against corruption and subversion (within the state).

There is no evidence that this concept has ever been applied to the charter of any political regime in history, but that is precisely the goal of the movement we are building. Furthermore, the great turmoil and awakening of our day has created the conditions to actually make it happen. As Victor Hugo phrased it, “More powerful than the tread of mighty armies, is an idea whose time has come”.

When you are ready to join with us in this is epic undertaking, the adventure starts here:

Unity without conformity               Diversity without conflict                 Power without coercion