The first words I typed at the top of the page before getting to the substance of this message were “Epicenter Report #1.”  Obviously, that wasn’t meant to be a grabber headline to catch anyone’s interest. It was just a filename for future identification. For me, however, it was a source of great satisfaction because it represents an incredibly important milestone.

Today I am celebrating the completion of my 87 th trip around the sun, but that’s not the milestone I’m talking about. My major focus during the last 58 of those trips has been a crusade for liberty and human dignity against the forces of collectivism. Throughout most of that time, it has been a losing battle. Over those years, I have watched what once appeared to be an invincible and virtuous nation gradually and inexorably morph into something totally different and dark, like a dry washcloth tossed into the bathtub, slowly yielding to the rising wetness, sinking further and further until even the highest dry point finally is submerged.

I often think about that wash cloth as I drive around the beautiful and peaceful community where I live. How lucky I am to be here. As I hear about the mayhem and violence spreading in many parts of the world, and in most of the big cities everywhere, I get the uneasy feeling that I am living at the highest point of a giant washcloth just waiting for the water eventually to destroy my home and my liberty.

For 58 years, I have watched the water constantly rise. Although I refused to give up the battle, deep in my heart, I had resigned myself to the belief that there was no way to stop the rising water. I was Noah without a boat.

All that changed in 2002. That was the year the idea found its way into my mind that the leaders of collectivism had conceived a brilliant strategy whereby less than three percent of the population could effectively influence the other ninety-seven percent to do exactly what the three percent wanted. The more I thought about that, the more I began to wonder if that same strategy could be used by those of us who are champions of individualism, which is the opposite of collectivism. The big question was whether the strategy depended on unethical principles, which would put the plan off limits for us.

After studying this strategy at length, I was surprised to find that it was not unethical at all. The objectives of the strategy – such as depriving humans of free will, freedom of choice, privacy, dignity, independence, and all other benefits of a free society – are, to individualists, totally unethical. However, the strategy, itself, by which collectivists gain influence over the population is not unethical. In fact, it is merely based on observations of human nature and, in particular, the observation that people tend to follow leaders.

The tactics that arise from this knowledge have been used in free societies for centuries. The primary difference is that, now, they are professionalized by well-funded organizations who use this knowledge to deceive people into accepting policies that diminish their wealth, health, privacy, and freedom.

If we look strictly at the strategy and not at the objectives of the strategy, we see that the element of deception is the only part that is off limits to us. In fact, rejecting deception is no serious handicap for us, because our end game is freedom, not slavery. Therefore, we have nothing to gain by pretending it is something else.

What has all this to do with the milestone I mentioned at the beginning of this report? Well, it has everything to do with it, because it was in 2002 that this idea of adopting a strategy whereby our three percent of the population could influence the political and social policies of the majority. This idea was formalized by the creation of Freedom Force International.

That was the starting point. The first milestone occurred in December 2014, when the 1st Freedom Force Congress was held in Paso Robles. It was at that meeting that the organization took on real form with a board of directors and an election of officers. Finally, we were no longer just a web site and a mailing list. We were laying the foundation for structures that would allow us to reach far beyond Freedom Force members so we could build a coalition of other organizations and leaders.

In the four years that followed, we produced two Red Pill Expos – one in Bozeman, Montana, and the other in Spokane, Washington. We held two more Congresses and, with the 3rd Congress, held in Phoenix, Arizona, began the practice of tying those meetings to specific themes of current interest. The theme of the 3rd Congress was Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie. All of these ventures were successful – some of them wildly so – proving that, at last, we are on the right track.

We come, finally, to that simple line of text at the top of this report. The fact that this is called Epicenter Report #1 tells the story. Number one means that #2 and #3 are anticipated – and beyond. It signifies that something new has begun – and, indeed it has.

With this report, Freedom Force has moved into the final phase of assuming its role of being the epicenter of the global freedom movement. At least, it has proved it has the potential for that.

Simultaneously with this report, Freedom Force is launching its 4th Congress with the theme: Money and Cryptocurrency; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. More important than that, however, is that Freedom Force, itself, has grown up. It’s bigger and stronger now. It’s wiser, too. And it has a much better idea now of how to develop the outreach strategy.

The most obvious element of this growth is that Red Pill University now is the embodiment of what we used to call Project Outreach. The whole purpose of RPU and Red Pill Expos is to reach out to a much larger population than would be possible if we looked inward and only attended to our own organizational and educational needs. Now is the time to reach out to others who, although they may not understand all that we are trying to do, can agree that we have something important going on and that Red Pill has the potential to unite the freedom movement.

From now on, most people will discover Freedom Force, not directly, but indirectly after they first become aware of the themes and projects of Red Pill Expos and Red Pill University.

Members of Freedom Force will no longer pay dues. Before anyone can become a member (or remain a member) they must, first, enroll as a tuition-paying student of Red Pill University. The levels of tuition are the same as the previous levels of membership dues, so all that changes is what this payment is called.

Since RPU is a subsidiary of Freedom Force, funding for one is funding for both. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t once it is understood that both Red Pill ventures are merely extensions of Freedom Force. Funding for one is funding for all.

As soon as we get the bugs out of the tuition-payment system and get all existing members to enroll in RPU at the corresponding student levels, all of these growing pains will be behind us.

This report is a symbol of passing a second milestone in the growth of Freedom Force. It has taken quite a few years for us to travel from the point of despair to the point of hopeful anticipation. We are moving forward, getting better organized, preparing a great 4th Congress next month, and expanding our student enrollments. If we can just continue doing what we now are doing, we can – and we will – drain the bathtub.

G. Edward Griffin
2018 November 7
Epicenter Report #1