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Freedom Force does not have a hierarchical chain of command. It is a network of people, self-directed and free to implement the program as they wish so long as it is consistent with The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct. 


The mission is three-fold:

1. To be keepers-of-the-flame for The Creed of Freedom.

2. To bring unity to the freedom movement.

3. To replace collectivists with individualists as leaders in the power centers of society.

The unity we seek is not based on conformity but on common goals and values.

The leadership we seek is not based on coercion but on persuasion and the power of good example.

Please read The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct before connecting to Freedom Force. If you already have read them, you are at the right place.

The advantages of a holographic organization
for this task are covered elsewhere, but the short version is that we work together, not as links in a chain of command, but as nodes in a human network. 
That is why it has been said, humorously but accurately, that Freedom Force is an organization for non-joiners.

Becoming  a member of Freedom Force means connecting to a network of people all over the world with a passion for their common values and goals. The best word for that relationship is brotherhood, which is why we are proud to wear the members’ recognition pin.

Join with Us

Membership in Freedom Force requires enrollment at Red Pill University at the Scholar level or higher. There are no membership dues or additional costs. The primary requirements are a desire to pursue the Freedom Force mission and a commitment to participate in organizational work and leadership. You will be joining a true brotherhood of liberty - and become movers-and-shakers of the movement.

If you are not now enrolled at Red Pill University, a link to the enrollment page is below. When your enrollment is complete and you have created your private account, you will see an option to request membership in Freedom Force. When you click that option, you will be asked for additional information needed to put you in contact with other members in your area and to learn what types of organizational activity interest you. Enroll here.

If you already are enrolled but below the Scholar level, click here to upgrade – and then proceed as explained in the preceding paragraph.

If you already are enrolled at the Scholar level or above, access your Red Pill account and click on the option to request membership.

If you already are a member of Freedom Force dating back to before Red Pill University was formed and have not yet enrolled in RPU, there is an extra step required. (1) Enroll in RPU first, then (2) Cancel your old PayPal dues payments to Freedom Force. You will have the option of setting your RPU enrollment level to match your former FF dues level (they have different names but the dollar amounts are the same) or you can select a new level as you wish.


If you are unable to become a member at this time but would like to make a one-time donation, click here.

Family memberships are not available. In Freedom Force, husbands, wives, and children are individuals, not groups, and each is eligible for membership. This policy is in keeping with the ideology of individualism. There is no minimum age. but children must understand The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct to be eligible.

If organizational work is not your strong point, there are many others tasks to perform. We need teachers, writers, journalists, publicists, speakers, researchers, and global travelers to spread the freedom virus around the world.

If you cannot participate because of infirmity or commitments, you still can play a critically important role by financially supporting those who are in the trenches. 

Unity without conformity

Diversity without conflict

Power without coercion