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One of the unique features of Freedom Force is that it does not have a hierarchical chain of command. It is a network of people who are self-directed and free to implement the program as they wish so long as it does not violate The Creed of Freedom or The Code of Conduct. 

The mission is three-fold:

1. To be keepers-of-the-flame for the principles in The Creed of Freedom.

2. To bring unity to the global freedom movement.

3. To replace collectivists with individualists as leaders of the power centers of society.

To perpetuate the flame of liberty, we have created The Freedom Academy, which operates as an open university and is supported by Freedom Force chapters.

The unity we seek is not based on conformity on specific issues or on finding a “great leader”. Nor is it based on supporting a “lesser-evil” candidate or political party. It

Please read The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct before connecting to Freedom Force.
If you already have read them, you are at the right place.

The first step is to choose your level of support.
Freedom Force is a volunteer organization with no funding from governments or multi-national corporations, nor does it offer tax-exemption for donations. Tax exemption is contrary to The Creed of Freedom because it does not treat all classes of citizens equally. It is designed to give some groups a monetary advantage over other groups. Also, it would put control of our activities into the hands of people who, in many cases, are hostile to our mission.

Our funding comes entirely from individuals who have no desire to partner with government to legally plunder everyone else. Whether we succeed or fail depends on freedom warriors just like you, so, please be as generous as you can. If not us, then who?

Become a member of Freedom Force.
You can change your level of support at any time.

Silver Club

$12 per month. Pledged

$140 per year. Pledged

Gold Club

$25 per month. Pledged

$300 per year. Pledged

Platinum Club

$50 per month. Pledged

$600 per year. Pledged

Palladium Club

$100 per month. Pledged

$1200 per year. Pledged

Titanium Club

$500 per month. Pledged

$6000 per year. Pledged

If you are unable to become a member at this time but would like to make a one-time donation, click here.

The advantages of a holographic organization for this task are covered elsewhere but, the point here is that we work together, not as links in a chain of command, but as nodes in a human network.

That is why it has been said, humorously but accurately, that Freedom Force is an organization for non-joiners.

Becoming  member of Freedom Force means connecting to a network of people all over the world with a passion for their common values and goals. The best word for that relationship is brotherhood, and we are proud to wear the members’ recognition pin.

Silver Club members pledge $11 monthly, pay lower fees at events, receive a member’s recognition pin and rewards at The Reality Zone online bookstore.

The meaning of this symbol.

Gold Club members pledge $25 monthly and also get an up-to-date Members’ Manual and a 3-hole punch for future pages.

Platinum Club members pledge $50 monthly and also receive an 8″x8″ Freedom Force Achievement display tile with table stand. (Enlarged view)
Palladium Club members pledge $100 monthly and have access to conference calls twice a month hosted by Mr. Griffin during which he discusses events and trends and answer questions. No topic is off limits.

Titanium Club members pledge $500 monthly or are Life Members. They will be guests at Mr. Griffin’s retreat in the hills above Cambria, California, and receive private consultations, if desired.

Life Members provide funding equal to 50 years of Gold-Club membership. That’s a single donation or accumulated pledge of $15,000. Life Memberships may be given to others provided the beneficiaries embrace The Creed of Freedom and Code of Conduct.

Family memberships are not available. In Freedom Force, husbands, wives, and children are individuals, not groups, and each is eligible for membership. This policy is in keeping with the ideology of individualism. There is no minimum age. but children

must understand The Creed of Freedom and The Code of Conduct to be eligible.

If organizational work not your strong point, there are many others tasks to perform. We need teachers,writers, journalists,

publicists, speakers, researchers, and global travelers to spread the freedom virus around the world.

If you cannot participate because of infirmity or commitments, you still can play a critically important role by financially supporting those who are in the trenches.

Unity without conformity

Diversity without conflict

Power without coercion

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