Freedom Force International

2017 June 23 & 24 in Bozeman, Montana.

See through the illusion.    Escape the matrix.    Take the red pill.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Calling all liberty champions, natural-health advocates, information junkies, and those who think outside the box.

The Red Pill Expo goes beyond celebrating truth and actually confronts the controversy. This two-day event takes a deep dive into examining the issues that matter most in our lives, separating truth from myth, and reality from illusion.

Hear from the masters − renowned teachers who will show you how to break free from the matrix − and, thereby secure your health, financial independence, and personal freedom.

The Red-Pill Expo is a gathering event for anyone who appreciates the relevance of the allegorical sci-fi movie, The Matrix.

The film’s message is that most humans are trapped in a matrix of illusion that prevents them from realizing they merely are tools and energy sources serving unseen controllers. At a critical point in the plot, the hero, whose name is Neo, is given a choice. If he wishes to return to the illusion, he can take a blue pill. If he chooses to see reality and break free of the controllers, he must take the red pill – which he does. That, however, is just the beginning.

To see the movie moment when Neo must choose between the blue and red pills, click here.

The controllers must destroy Neo before he can awaken enough humans to dismantle the matrix and set everyone free.

The parallel to real life is chilling.

In today’s world, there are untold legions of people who have taken the red pill and now are free of the illusion as it relates to wars, terrorism, politics, education, money and banking, the judicial system, elections, health care, and everything in between.

The Red-Pill Expo gives the awakened ones a chance to meet each other, to realize they are not alone, to develop ways to network and help each other, to form a coalition, to discover exactly who their controllers are and, finally, to participate in activities that will dismantle the matrix.

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G. Edward Griffin, author, Creature from Jekyll Island, Founder of Freedom Force (featured speaker)


Ty Bollinger,
producer, Truth about Cancer and Truth about Vaccines TV series (featured speaker)


Lord Monckton, commentator, UK policy advisor, debunker of global-warming myth (featured speaker)


Robert Kiyosaki, real-estate investment icon, author, Rich Dad Poor Dad, featured speaker (uncensored)


Mike Adams,
the 'Health Ranger", editor of Natural News, Video appearance.

Richard Gage 200x200

Richard Gage,
founder and President of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (featured speaker)


Jeff Berwick,
Libertarian activist and Founder of the Dollar Vigilante newsletter. (featured speaker)


John B. Wells,
radio/TV host, Caravan to Midnight, with an international audience (MC & featured speaker)


Joel Salatin,
Author, philosopher, environmentalist, farmer extraordinaire (featured speaker)


Patrick Wood,
Technocracy News, and go-to source  on Trilateral Commission (featured speaker)


James Corbett,
Investigative reporter, The Corbett Report. Video appearance.


Dan Johnson.
Founder, People Against NDAA; Director, Tax Revolution Institute (featured speaker)


Jon Rappoport,
Investigative reporter, commentator. Video appearance.


Alex Newman.
journalist and
co-author of Crimes
of the Educators (featured speaker)


Cynthia McKinney,
From Congresswoman to whistleblower. Video appearance.


Holly Swanson,
investigator, author on hidden agendas of environmentalism


No, this is not one of the faculty. It's just another truth-seeker going to the Red Pill Expo.

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One of the most remarkable features of the Red Pill Expo is that it gives voice to a wide variety of viewpoints, and not all of them will be in agreement. That is a natural consequence of the red-pill theme, which is about discovering truths and dispelling illusions. If we all held the same opinions and closed our minds to contrary information, discovery of new truths would be impossible. As Scottish Baron Thomas Dewar put it: “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”

Most of us have “taken the red pill” at one time or another, which means we have changed our views about something incredibly important in our lives. That could not have happened without access to information that often is said to be controversial. That is why The Red Pill Expo does not attempt to avoid controversy or censor any ideas advanced by speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors. Tolerance, however, must not be mistaken for acceptance. Please be aware that the views expressed by attendees, exhibitors, or speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of the Expo management. Our job is to provide a platform for alternate views of reality. After that, it is up to each of us to decide based on our own experience and judgment.

Nonconformity of viewpoint is one thing, bad behavior is another. The Expo has a code of conduct that applies to all who participate. The following conduct is not allowed: (1) vulgar, or abusive language or activity, (2) physical aggression, (3) drunkenness, (4) sounds that interfere with the comfort or activities of others, (5) signage, recordings, literature, or commentary that (a) denigrates someone’s race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, gender, education, economic status, or life style, or (b) promotes the services or products of any person or group that is not a Red Pill exhibitor, sponsor, or speaker. Willful and continuing violation of these rules will be cause for expulsion. We do not expect any of these issues to arise during the event but, if they do, this policy will apply.

Thank you for attending. Enjoy. Learn. Be transformed!

G. Edward Griffin

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