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Organizational Structure

   It would be foolish to think that Freedom Force will be forever ignored by the forces of collectivism. When we arrive at a point where the powers-that-be think we have the potential to become a genuine threat to their plans, they will have no choice but to come after us.

The formula for destroying their opposition is well known. The first phase is to monitor progress but do nothing. In most cases, action is not necessary simply because their opponents will leave the arena entirely on their own. Usually, they are lone individuals with no organized following, no financial resources, and no access to the media. They have no power. After they flash in the pan, they are soon forgotten.

If someone manages to attract a growing following and enough financial support to sustain an organization, phase two begins: demonization by media. Stories will appear everywhere at once

condemning the victim for tax evasion, drug abuse, sex offenses, infidelity, racism, smuggling, terrorism, or hate crimes, to name just a few. There may be just enough fact in the stories to make them credible but, often, there is no truth in them at all. That makes no difference, however, because the public will believe the stories anyway. Once an individual is dragged through the media in this fashion, public support usually withers away.

If this ploy should not work, phase three comes into play. Large sums of money, offers of lucrative employment, and zero-risk investments are hard to turn down. If victims have a dark event in their past, blackmail also can

be thrown into the mix. The threat of harm to loved ones is standard. This combination of carrot-and-stick is highly effective.

Should that fail, phase four begins. Leaders commit suicide or have fatal accidents. Terminal illnesses appear. Most people know these thinly dosguised murders really happen, but hesitate to speak of them openly for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. For us, however, we have no choice. If we do not confront this reality, certain aspects of our structure may seem without purpose.

The structure of Freedom Force has been designed to minimize the usefulness of these tactics. If the elimination or compromise of leaders is a potential problem, then the solution is a leaderless organization.

The typical organizational structure is pyramidal. It has a leader at the top, a small group of directors and key executives beneath that, a larger group of

managers below that and, finally, the rank-and-file at the bottom where most of the work is done. That is how the military is organized, how most corporations are structured, and how virtually every pro-liberty group is set up – except one. Freedom Force is not pyramidal. It is holographic.

A hologram is a 3-dimensional image in empty space caused by interference of two beams of coherent light, such as laser beams. The image occurs when light passes through a film with grooves etched into it. It is the interference of these grooves acting on the light that creates an image. The most amazing part, however, is that, if you take a pair of scissors and cut the film in half and then pass the lasers through them, two complete images will appear, exactly the same, except smaller.

The full image is everywhere.
Now, cut each of those pieces in half, and you will see four images. Cut those in half, and the result will be eight, and so on. Amazingly, each

remnant of the original film contains the complete image of the original.

You can see where this is going. If someone wants to destroy a pyramidal organization, all that is necessary is to eliminate the head. That is especially true of organizations led by charismatic political or religious figures where the primary focus is on personality. In military or corporate structures, it is necessary to eliminate or compromise the second level of leadership as well, which is not difficult if money is no object.

Holographic organizations have no head, at least not in terms of command. The leaders of such groups are viewed as visionaries, teachers, moti-vators, and role models, but the real work of the organization is self-directed at every level by each person involved.

The entire image of Freedom Force (The Creed of Freedom, The Code of Conduct, the mission itself) is em-bedded in the minds and hearts of

every member. If all leaders and every member in the world should vanish except one, that single person will possess the entire image and be able to re-start the movement.

A hybrid, holographic organization is a more accurate description of the Freedom Force structure, based on the concepts advanced by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom in their book, The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.

Adding the word hybrid signifies that, although the organization is holographic, it does have leaders. In fact, it is leaderfull, not leaderless. However, they do not direct the daily actions of partici-pants. Their role is to teach, motivate, and, prevent mission decay.

All Freedom Force leaders are volunteers, including the Leadership Council, Congressional Delegates, Officers, Chairman, and Chapter Presidents.

Members are the backbone of Freedom Force. They pledge to uphold The Creed of Freedom and honor The Code of Conduct. Chapters, Families, Circles, and At-Large refers to geographical activity.

Guardians are members who are graduates of the Freedom Academy. They are the watch-dogs of the organization. All leaders must be Guardians.

Chapter Presidents are leaders of teams that conduct local activities and operate branches of The Freedom Academy.

Congress is composed of delegates elected by members. It elects the Leadership Council and is the channel of communication between Council and membership.

Leadership Council is the board of directors, responsible for long-term planning and daily staff operations. They lead, not by command, but by example and enlightenment.

Judicial Committee is called into session, if needed, to take action against leadership rot.

Freedom Force is structured as a network of peers rather than a chain of command, and each component is a smaller network within a larger one. In this relationship, an appropriate name for each component is “nexus”. (Incidentally, the plural also is nexus.)

The dictionary defines nexus as “a connected group or series” or a “means of communication”. In Latin, it means “that which ties or binds together”. Nexus, is an excellent name for the regional and local components of the full Freedom Force network.

Where it is awkward to use the word nexus in a sentence, we use the generic word, network. Mostly, they are interchangeable.

The network is constructed to support five functioning levels:

1. International Nexus: (Overseen by the International Council and Chairman.)

2. National Nexus: (One in each nation or in groups of closely aligned nations, overseen by National Chairmen and support committees.)

3. Regional Nexus: (One in each state or large province, overseen by Regional Chairmen and support committees.)

4. Community Nexus (One in each county, small province, or urban area, overseen by Community Chairmen and support committees.)

5. Personal Nexus: (Sometimes called circles. Consists of 3 to 6 people, primarily for areas where a Community Nexus is not yet established. It also may serve as the driving force that keeps an existing Community Nexus moving forward.)

These networks do not operate as formal organizations with routine meetings, except for those who are in support committees and membership circles. The emphasis is on staging public events and advancing projects with specific objectives. The focus is, not on membership meetings, and reports, but network-wide actions and projects (such as the Red Pill Expo) that advance the Freedom Force mission.

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