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That’s the theme of the 4th Annual Congress of Freedom Force International – and you are invited.

This conference was a smashing success. Sorry you missed it, but you can watch it on demand at your leisure through January 1, 2019. 


If you have the courage,
I will show you the future of money

G. Edward Griffin, Conference Chairman

Watch on demand.
Originated from Paso Robles, California, December 8

During the early 1990s, when I was immersed in writing The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, I traveled around the United States presenting a one-day seminar called Crash Course on Money. It was surprisingly successful considering the fact that I was an unknown author and, at that time, the Federal Reserve was a definite ho-hum topic.

But, as the saying goes, mighty oaks from little acorns grow. Since then, the seeds of truth have sprouted and, although the oak forest is still young, there is little doubt that, eventually, it will replace the weeds and thorn bushes of deception in this thing called money. That, however, is where the plot thickens.

The High Priests of Money, in their temples called Central Banks, understood this long before I did. They anticipated that their arcane secrets eventually might be revealed to the world and they would have to invent a new deity to replace it. That deity has been invented and is called Distributed Ledger Technology. Its beta model is called Blockchain, and its first use for money is called Bitcoin. New models are being tested and the field is in rapid development. The end of this process is a cashless society, which will place humanity under micro control by the same High Priests who now control fiat money.

Please re-read that paragraph. As outrageous as it may sound to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, I believe it’s an accurate summary of the monetary transition that now is underway. Its development is under close supervision of the High Priests and being offered to the faithful as a mysterious and benevolent new god.

That’s not to say that cryptocurrencies are evil, because they do, indeed, contain the potential for great benefit, but this digital coin has a back side. Cryptos are like guns. They can be used for good or evil depending on who is using them.

The High Priests understood this long ago and decided not to just wait and see how it all turns out. They wanted to be sure that control will be in their hands. They quietly took the lead in its development and even its promotion while pretending to be opponents – exactly as they did in the days leading to the creation of the Federal Reserve. Those who have read my book will recall that, having drafted the Federal Reserve Act themselves, top bankers publicly spoke against it, knowing that those who would normally oppose the measure would be fooled into thinking that, since the banks are opposing it, it must be good.

The importance of this development is mind boggling. It goes far beyond the question of how much money you can make (or lose) by investing in Bitcoin, or which new crypto-token is poised to make you a millionaire. Even if you have no interest in such matters, cryptocurrencies involve you profoundly.

Cryptos are here to stay, and you will be using them even if you don’t want to. Why? Because the High Priests are building the mechanism to facilitate that, and their political friends in government are drafting laws to force you to use it.

Your future is being planned in ways you cannot imagine. If you are like most, you probably have no knowledge of this and no reliable source to acquire that knowledge – which brings us to the purpose of this conference.

You can’t fix something without knowing what’s wrong with it. Knowing that fiat money and controlled cryptocurrency can produce horrendous effects is not enough. We must know why they produce those effects, what system would be better, and how to bring that system into reality. We also must know how to protect ourselves in the meantime.

Some speakers will address the speculative nature of the market, including how they think insane profits still can be made, but the main thrust of this event is far beyond profit vs. loss. It’s about what our future will hold if the trend is not reversed – and how to have a monetary system that is better than either fiat or crypto.

Almost everyone wants to meet the speakers and make new friends – there is a lift of energy and morale that comes from that – but physical attendance is not possible for most. That’s why we have made considerable effort to deliver a high-quality live stream of the main event. It was broadcast on the Internet on December 8 but now can be viewed on demand from this site. The cost is incredibly low, especially if you share your viewing time with friends. 

G. Edward Griffin


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On Demand: Watch full conference. Invite your friends. Access expires January 1, 2019.  $25

Livestream: [No longer available.] Watch Saturday event broadcast live. After that, watch on demand for seven days. Invite your friends.  $25

General Admission: [No longer available.] Friday reception & Saturday event & formal dinner at La Bellasera. Speakers will be at different tables for each course. Lunch not provided. Nine eateries nearby. Max. capacity 72.  $95


Inner Circle: [No longer available.] Friday reception & Sat. event & VIP dinner & Champagne Brunch at Mr. Griffin's private retreat on Sunday. Highly personal interaction with speakers. This is a fund-raiser for Freedom Force International. Max. capacity 65.  $295

2002-05-12 Ed Griffin200 square

G. Edward Griffin

Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, 2nd Look at Fed. Reserve. Founder of Freedom Force International: Money Money Money


Jeff Berwick

Publisher of Dollar Vigilante, contrarian investor: Want to Buy Low and Sell High? Then What Are You Waiting for? Now Is the Time to Buy.


Larry Hilton

Co-founder United Precious Metals Assoc., author of Utah's Specie Legal Tender Act: A Gold-backed Crypto Is Here

Alan Meyers 200x200

Alan Myers, CPA

Forensic accountant, tax consultant, monetary historian: Why I Do Not Trust Cryptos As Money.

Kent Lewiss square

Kent Lewiss

Entrepreneur, business executive, & creator of  1776 and CTEAM crypto tokens: Guess Who Secretly Owns Your Favorite Crypto?


Patrick Wood

Creator of Technoc-racy News, author of Technocracy Rising, expert on Trilateral Commis-sion, Fintech, Crypto, and Green

Jason Stinchfield 200x200

Jason Stinchfield

Silversmith, jewelry tool maker, crypto-currency speculator: How To Convert Cryptos into Silver

Max Wright 200x200

Max Wright

Founder of Success Council, gold bug, early Bitcoin investor, market forecaster: The Case for Crypto-currency over Gold

John-Thore-Sneisen 200x200

John Sneisen

Author of End of Freedom, How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us. Topic: The Cashless Society & Economic Servitude

Kirk Petrie 200x200

Kirk Petrie

Computer-graphics programmer, filmmaker, ambas-sador of Red-Pill University: Cryptos and The Lords of Creation

Edward Goodliffe 200x2000

Edward Goodliffe

Manufacturer, oil-field operator, co-founder of Canada's Wild Rose political party: Event Master of Ceremonies and commentator


Dan Happel

Construction engineer, forest conservationist, community leader, advocate of gold money: Event Q&A moderator

Randy Pinocci 200x200

Randy Pinocci

Recently elected as a Montana Public Service Commis-sioner, former Assemblyman, champion of 2nd Amendment

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