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Freedom Force International

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That’s the theme of the 4th Annual Congress of Freedom Force International – and you are invited.

Paso Robles, California,   2018 December 8-9

A personal invitation from G. Edward Griffin
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It seems that everyone is interested in Bitcoin and emerging cryptocurrencies. 

Early adopters of Bitcoin made fabulous fortunes, and the question now is whether or not the action is over. Is it too late for us to book a ride on the rocket?

Some say the rocket has no more fuel. The show is over. Others say that all speculative markets like this have ups and downs and that the current slump in the price of cryptos is not a bad sign but a wonderful opportunity to get into the market at bargain-basement prices. They predict that the greatest surge lies ahead.

I favor the second view but I also know that there are significant risks associated with this process and that those who do not understand those risks most likely will lose everything.

It's hard to find information on what those risks are, especially the risk that governments and central banks may suceed in their present plan to use cryptocurrencies to fulfill their dream of a cashless society.

By the way, if you think that this is impossible with decentralized  blockchains, you will want to attend this event to learn how governments plan to do exactly that.

This event will turn the spotlight on all these issues. You will learn from world-class experts who know from experience and technical training that, yes, cryptos do have the potential for providing monetary freedom and privacy; yes, governments and central banks are maneuvering to control the cryptocurrency space; and, yes, there are some very smart people (who will be presenters at the event) working to create ways to avoid the risks and traps that lie before us.

This is an intimate event with a maximum seating capacity of 129. These won't last long, so make your reservations now.


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Livestream: Watch Saturday event broadcast live. After that, watch on demand for one week. Invite your friends.  $25

General Admission: Friday reception & Saturday event. Meals not provided. Nine eateries nearby.
Max. capacity 125.  $195


VIP: Friday reception & Saturday event & formal dinner at La Bellasera. Speakers will be at different tables for each course. Lunch not provided. Eateries nearby.
Max. capacity 96.  $250


Inner Circle: Friday reception & Sat. event & VIP dinner & Champagne Brunch at Mr. Griffin's private retreat on Sunday. Highly personal interaction with speakers.
Max. capacity 65.  $295




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2002-05-12 Ed Griffin200 square

G. Edward Griffin

Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, 2nd Look at Fed. Reserve. Founder of Freedom Force International: Money Money Money


Jeff Berwick

Publisher of Dollar Vigilante, contrarian investor: Want to Buy Low and Sell High? Then What Are You Waiting for? Now Is the Time to Buy.


Larry Hilton

Co-founder United Precious Metals Assoc., author of Utah's Specie Legal Tender Act: A Gold-backed Crypto Is Here at Last

Alan Meyers 200x200

Alan Meyers, CPA

Forensic accountant, tax consultant, monetary historian, economist: Why I Do Not Trust Cryptos As Money.

Kent Lewiss square

Kent Lewiss

Entrepreneur, business executive, & creator of  1776 and CTEAM crypto tokens: Guess Who Secretly Owns Your Favorite Crypto?


Patrick Wood

Creator of Technoc-racy News, author of Technocracy Rising, expert on Trilateral Commis-sion: Fintech, Crypto, and Green

Jason Stinchfield 200x200

Jason Stinchfield

Silversmith, crypto-currency speculator, Jewelry Tool Maker: How To Convert Cryptos into Dollars, Silver, or Gold.

Kirk Petrie 200x200

Kirk Petrie

Filmmaker, computer-graphics programmer, ambassador of Red-Pill University campus; Cryptos and The Lords of Creation

Max Wright 200x200

Max Wright

Founder of Success Council, gold bug, early Bitcoin investor, market forcaster: The Case for Cryptocurrency over Gold


Bubbles, Greed, & Fear of Missing Out

Speaker to be announced

Edward Goodliffe 200x2000

Edward Goodliffe

Manufacturer, oil-field operator, co-founder of Canada's Wild Rose political party: Event Master of Ceremonies and commentator


Dan Happel

Construction engineer, forest conservationist, community leader, advocate of gold money: Event Q&A moderator


Speaker topic: "Tax Issues for Crypto Traders"

Speaker to be announced

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