Freedom Force International

Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is incorporated into the bylaws of Freedom Force International and also apply to its subsidiary organizations, Red Pill University and Red Pill Expo.  

1. THE FIRST ORDER is don’t wait for orders. Our organization is not pyramidal but holographic in structure. Therefore, instead of waiting for instructions from a monolithic directorate, be self-directed. Join with others when that is advantageous, and don’t be afraid to duplicate and parallel their efforts. Experiment, make mistakes, find a better way.

As long as your activities are consistent with The Creed of Freedom, and this Code of Conduct, the effort will be constructive. What may seem like chaos at first is the ferment of creativity. Ultimately it will far surpass the output of bureaucratic and dogmatic control from the top.

2. SOME THINGS ARE FOREVER. The principles in The Creed of Freedom are not subject to change. They will be the same a hundred or a thousand years from now. Reject any request – even from Freedom Force – that, in your opinion, conflicts with The Creed of Freedom.

3. SOME THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Organizational policies and strategies are not in the same category as The Creed. They may be altered as required by experience and circumstances. Do not hesitate to offer suggestions for improvement. If your suggestions are not implemented, please respect that decision and refrain from creating factions. Participation is voluntary but, while we are members, we must abide by this policy. We cannot achieve our mission without unity.

4. POWER CORRUPTS. Don’t trust your leaders. That applies to Freedom Force as well as in politics. Most people are corruptible under extreme circumstances. As our movement becomes increasingly successful and able to influence the flow of money and political power, our leaders will be confronted by opportunities to bend the rules for their personal benefit. We must watch them like a hawk, because these temptations will be intense. Don’t let them violate The Creed of Freedom or this Code of Conduct. Call attention to their errors, when necessary. If violations are serious or repetitive, mobilize the power to remove them as explained in the Freedom Force bylaws.

5. BE AN INFLUENCER. Wherever possible, become active in such fields as public service, communications, entertainment, education, and any other endeavor that affects public opinion and legislative policy. Work with others within those activities to embed the ideology of individualism over collectivism into their operations. Create a communications channel of your own, such as a blog, vlog, or even a private school. Distribute pamphlets and links to informational news articles and videos. Work with others of like mind to hold public meetings for informational and activism purposes. Without being obtrusive, become highly visible, outspoken, and easily reachable. Participate in non-partisan political action, especially at the local level. Don’t just go to the polls now and then to vote for candidates selected by others. Be part of the process that chooses candidates. Be loyal to principles above party. Those who are not interested in politics will be forever ruled by those who are. Don’t fight city hall when you can be city hall. Join or create a campus of Red Pill University in your community. There is strength in numbers, and this will put you in contact with others of like mind.

6. RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEADERSHIP. When holding positions of authority, adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Never betray those you lead.

7. WARRIORS MUST BE BRAVE. Live by your principles without compromise. Let it be known where you stand. You cannot achieve victory by hiding. Popular approval is not your primary concern. You are a warrior. Accept the risks and the consequences. Stand tall in your convictions. Be an example for others. Only then will they follow.

8. DIVERSITY WITHIN UNITY. Show tolerance, compassion, and goodwill toward all. Extend a welcome to members of all races, nationalities, religions, cultures, genders, economic statuses, and lifestyles provided only that they honor The Creed of Freedom and this Code of Conduct. Expect diversity knowing that, in spite of differences, our common mission binds us to a genuine brotherhood.

9. NATIONALISM AND THEOLOGY are not our mission. Our coalition is international in scope and includes many cultures and faiths. In everything we do we must be mindful of this fact by refraining from critiquing another person’s religion or showing deference to one faith over all others. Also, when dealing with issues in one country, we should try to understand them in context of similar challenges in all countries. If coalition members wish to publicly express their religious faith, we ask that it be in context of our liberty agenda, not as a sermon or testimonial relating to their personal salvation or lifestyle.

This is a sensitive issue, so let us be clear. The purpose of this policy is not to stifle patriotism or spirituality, but to avoid the appearance of exclusivity and to foster genuine unity among all, including those from other countries and of other faiths.

We are neither a patriotic organization nor a church. We are a coalition. We are delighted to have patriotic organizations and churches join with us in the coalition, but they do so representing themselves, not the coalition. In this way, we can find solidarity with people of all nations, cultures, races, religions, genders, economic statuses, and lifestyles. All of that would end if we were to ask them to join together and pledge allegiance to the flag of one nation or bow their heads in prayer to the deity of one faith over all others. The only thing that can unite those with such diverse national and theological loyalties is the universal longing for liberty, to be free of state or institutional control over our personal lives. That is our mission, nothing more.

10. POLITICAL PARTIANSHIP is a similar barrier to success, especially during times of crisis when the frightened electorate is likely to rally behind demagogues, con artists, and controlled-opposition candidates who will be there to betray them. Therefore, when coalition members are working together on Red-Pill projects, we will benefit greatly from a free exchange of opinions about political issues, but we must refrain from promoting political parties or political figures.

Fortunately, there is a better way to communicate our preferences: We can invite the party or candidate to endorse us, instead! If they join the coalition and pledge to uphold the principles in The Creed of Freedom, we will tell everyone that they are “with us” and, as long as they uphold their pledge, we are with them. In this way, we are not endorsing people, but principles.

11. BUSINESS IS NOT OUR BUSINESS. It is tempting to use Freedom Force or Red Pill for promoting services and products. Proposals for such ventures as network marketing, co-ops, guilds, health clinics, cryptocurrencies, and crop sharing (to name a few) are appealing because of the expectation that these ventures will produce much-needed services or products at a cost savings or even at a profit, and that this will help to make coalition members independent of Establishment sources. We know from experience, however, that these ventures always consume more time and effort than anticipated and soon detract from the mission itself. As in any business, problems arise that lead to economic shortfall and personal conflicts over what should be done and who should do it. These things lead to dissatisfaction, loss of enthusiasm and, finally, abandonment – including abandonment of the mission as well.

This does not mean that such ventures cannot be undertaken. If members wish to take them on, they must do so on their own, not in the name of RPU. Our meetings and financial resources must not be used to develop these ventures no matter how beneficial or profitable they may appear. Advertising on,, and Perks-for-Patrons ( are the appropriate channels for these ventures.

The exception to this rule is the promotion and distribution of educational and training materials essential to our mission. One of the functions of RPU campuses is to operate a Reality Zone bookstore described as the official bookstore of Red Pill University. These stores, however, are not part of RPU. They are operated independently by those within the campuses who provide inventory capital, supervision, and manpower.

We are delighted when coalition members who are exhibitors or sponsors offer to help us promote our Expos at events produced by others, but the extent of such promotion must be limited solely to the free distribution of our literature. Signage or text content must avoid any inference that the coalition member is an agent or a partner or acting on behalf of RPE or RPU. The suggested signage is:

G. Edward Griffin’s
Free information here

12. RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF LOGOS. The names and logos of Freedom Force and Red Pill may be used for symbolic reinforcement at official functions and on official materials. They may not be used on personal letterheads or business cards.

13. MEMBERS DO NOT REPRESENT THE COALITION. We are proud of our membership and should let others know of our affiliation whenever appropriate. In doing so, however, members must not create the impression that they officially represent the organization. That responsibility belongs to those who have graduated from the Freedom Academy, carry the title of Guardian, and are commissioned as Ambassadors.

14. PERPETUATING THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES. The final rule is: read the rules! At every members’ meeting attended by twenty members or more, read aloud The Creed of Freedom in its entirety. The printed Creed should be passed around so that a different person can read one of the paragraphs. Founding principles are of no consequence if they are forgotten. Reading them aloud in this manner will keep them at the center of our deliberations. This practice will serve as an autopilot to keep us, and those who follow, on the right course far, far into the future.