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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a document, widely circulated in Europe and the United States, describing a plot by Jewish conspirators to take over the world. It is said to be the minutes of a series of meetings held in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897 at the time of the First Zionist Congress. It is widely considered to be proof that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the world.

The text reveals plans whereby Jews, working together with Freemasons, were to disrupt Christian civilization and, upon its ruin, build a new world order ruled by them from behind the scenes. This was to be accomplished with liquor and vice to befuddle national leaders, corruption of womanhood, mass propaganda, economic crises, and public violence – what we now call terrorism.

There is no doubt that the Protocols accurately describe much of what is happening in our world today, but that does not prove that the document is authentic. There is considerable evidence that the Protocols are a forgery produced by the Okhrana, which was the secret police of the Czarist government of Russia. It must be remembered that, when the revolution against the Czar was gaining favor, many of its leaders were Jews. Lenin and Trotsky were perhaps the best known, but there were many others as well. This is not surprising inasmuch as Russia had absorbed the largest population of Jews in the world at that time, so there were plenty on hand to assume the role.

Furthermore, the Czar was decidedly anti-Semitic – due, in part, to the tendency of the Jewish population to show higher loyalty to Jewry than to the Russian Crown. Masons were also in disfavor for similar reasons. Loyalty to any entity other than the government was not tolerated. Jews had been treated harshly by the Czarist government, and it was to be expected that they would support any movement to overthrow the established order.

Furthermore, the Czar was decidedly anti-Semitic – due, in part, to the tendency of the Jewish population to show higher loyalty to Jewry than to the Russian Crown. Masons were also in disfavor for similar reasons. Loyalty to any entity other than the government was not tolerated. Jews had been treated harshly by the Czarist government, and it was to be expected that they would support any movement to overthrow the established order.

The Czar was not alone in his anti-Semitism. Many Russians were resentful of the Jewish immigrants, and the Okhrana capitalized upon this animosity by portraying the Czar’s enemies as tools and dupes of Jewish conspirators. The ploy was intended to convert widespread anti-Semitism into support for the Crown.

The evidence for this scenario is impressive. Prior to the alleged “discovery” of the Protocols, there were three books widely read throughout Europe that dealt with political conspiracies and corruption of government. The first was Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. It was a satire about Emperor Napoleon III, and was a primer on the subversion of government, the art of demagoguery, and the use of money and secret agents to control the world.

The second was a German novel entitled Biarritz, the story of twelve rabbis, representing the tribes of Israel, who meet secretly in a cemetery and, chanting like warlocks, celebrate the triumph of Jewish bankers who have acquired control over the world.

The third, called The Book of the Kabal, was written by a Russian Jew who had converted to Christianity. It was a translation of the minutes of the Jewish council, Minsk Kehilla, that contained clannish and bigoted statements that, in terms of modern times and sensibilities, are shocking. The translator characterized the Kehillah as a “state within a state” and claimed that Jews were engaged in an international conspiracy.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which supposedly is the minutes of secret Zionist meetings in Basle, is merely a composite of material drawn from these three books. Furthermore, the language of the Protocols is not the language of conspirators. It is the language of propagandists. It is written, not in self-approving terms that would place the authors in a favorable light, but in such harsh terms as to arouse animosity on the part of the reader against the authors.

For example, consider this statement: “We shall everywhere arouse ferment, struggle, and enmity—we shall unleash a world war—we shall bring the people to such a pass that they will voluntarily offer us world domination.” The conclusion is inescapable that phrases such as these are the skillful work of Okhrana propagandists seeking to turn public sentiment against the revolutionaries.

As we left Bozeman, we thought it would be a shame to allow what we had started there to go into hibernation for twelve months until the next Expo, so we decided to create the Red Pill University as an ongoing platform to keep the momentum going all year long. The University is the same concept as the Expo but with two added features:

1. Expo ‘presenters’ become University ‘faculty’ and receive their own virtual classrooms at the University web site. Now they provide their amazing content as often as they wish, and our video platform delivers it, not just to one auditorium during one weekend per year, but potentially to millions of video screens all over the world, with new content added daily.

2. In addition to this Internet presence, the University also establishes ‘campuses’, which are local groups of students and teachers who become boots on the ground for political action to impact candidate selection and ballot propositions. Genuine movements are built from the bottom up and cannot exist merely in cyberspace. It takes more than web sites, tweets, and emails. It requires a physical presence, face-to-face contact, and the building of teams that know and trust each other on a personal basis. It is our goal to have at least one campus in every county of the United States and in comparable geographical boundaries in other countries as well.

One more fact should be kept in mind when evaluating the authenticity of the Protocols. It is extremely unlikely that such powerful and cunning conspirators would ever commit their master plan to writing. First, it would not be necessary, since every detail would be well known to each of them. Second, written documents of this type are dangerous and, when they do exist, usually are destroyed immediately after they have served their purpose. Yet, we are expected to believe that one of the “Elders” actually did make a written record of everything discussed and then, somehow, lost it – allowing it to be discovered by the Czarist secret service. Not very likely, to say the least.

On June 2, 1961, Richard Helms, who was Assistant Director of the CIA at that time, made this statement before a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate: “The Russians have a long tradition in the art of forgery. More than 60 years ago the czarist intelligence service concocted and peddled a confection called the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” As late as 1958, this item was still being pushed by psychological warfare organizations specializing in anti-Semitism. In the 1930s and 1940s Hitler’s propagandists “borrowed” it and added it to some counterfeiting of their own.”

In spite of these revelations, the Protocols continue to be widely disseminated throughout the world today. Most people who read them are unaware they are being lured into a trap. The trap is different from the one set a century ago by the Okhrana but it is a trap, nonetheless. Originally, the Protocols played upon existing anti-Semitism in Russia to garner support for the Czarist government. In later years, they served the same purpose for the Nazis. Today, instead of appealing to existing anti-Semitism, they serve to create it where none previously existed; and when unwary investigators are led down this path, they become marginalized in their efforts to spread the truth in other areas, no matter how correct the rest of their information may be.

Equally important, this diverts attention away from the real master planners – some are Jews but most are not – who are building a New World Order based on the model of collectivism. People who accept the authenticity of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not likely to be paying much attention to what is happening in the Rhodesian and Leninist camps – and that’s where the action really is.


If one is uninformed on these issues and reads only anti-Semitic literature, it is easy to view the world as in the grip of Jews who are planning our enslavement, and anyone who does not agree is looked upon as a lackey or a coward for not speaking up against them. Unfortunately, some Christians see this as a central part of their religious belief, and the issue sometimes becomes clouded by theology. The following email I received on November 23, 2005, is a classic example:

Dear Mr. Griffin,
Are you Jewish? I suspect that you are since you expertly steer around the real truth of the Jewish involvement in all these communist conspiracies such as the “Federal Reserve.” You are either a Jew snake, or a craven coward. Either of which makes me wonder why I would waste my time writing you. But, I just want you to know that the truth is getting out in spite of you….

We don’t need you, Mr. Griffin. The truth is getting out just as God wants it out. This thing is going down according to Him, and no one else. Obadiah is going to be fulfilled soon. The Jew snakes are going to Hell, and all you cowards and kosher con-servatives are going there with them. Jesus Christ with his army is bringing fire for you.

If you are simply a coward about the whole truth about Satan’s children, the Jew snakes from Hell, I recommend that you get some guts about you, and tell the truth. You are too old to worry about it. Those snakes have no power over us. We have Jesus Christ as our King. Who is your’s?

~~ Sincerely, Steve

This statement speaks for itself and needs no comment from me except to say that anyone holding such views could never be a part of Freedom Force, not because we require everyone to conform to our view regarding the authenticity of the Protocols, but because they would be in violation of Articles 10 and 11 of our Code of Conduct, which we take very seriously. (Incidentally, I am not Jewish.)

To complicate matters further, there is hardly a week that goes by without receiving a book or tract advancing the theory that the world really is in the grips of a Vatican conspiracy. Forget the Elders. They are merely fronts or boogiemen for the Pope who, himself, is an agent of the Jesuits. Don’t you see? It’s the Catholic Church that is the great menace to mankind!

And so it goes. The freedom movement is staggering under the impact of that age-old strategy: divide-and-conquer, and there is no more fertile ground than a gullible population eager to believe almost any wild story about a religious or ethnic group not of their own.


To those who are quick to vilify anyone who does not agree with this appraisal, I would like to make an alternative appeal. Instead of focusing on document authenticity and the racial or ethnic identity of those in power, let us look at the practicality of what can be done to defend our freedom. Even if the world were in the grip of the Elders or the Masons or the Jesuits, what would be our course of action? Would it be a new wave of genocide, a return to the firing squads and death camps? Hasn’t mankind seen enough of that kind of insanity?

There are many powerful groups in the world today dedicated to collectivism for the simple reason that collectivism allows them to exploit mankind, or a significant segment of it, for their own aggrandizement. It is hard to say which one of them is the greatest threat. In the final analysis, it makes little difference. If we oppose the groups themselves, we are less likely to succeed than if we oppose collectivism, the system they all need to flourish. We will not have to pull the weeds if we deny them water.

The Protocols is a blueprint for world government based on the model of collectivism. Therefore, we need to oppose it no matter who wrote it. If we can dismantle collectivism, no conspiracy such as described could succeed, because that is the mechanism modern totalitarians must have to function. On the other hand, if we do not dismantle collectivism, we will be enslaved by someone, and it will make little difference who it is. Everyone who seeks to take away our freedom is our enemy, regardless of race or ethnic background. Let’s keep that fact uppermost in all we do in this struggle.

Collectivists are our enemy, no one else. Collectivists come in all sizes, colors, religions, and nationalities. They belong to different groups and sub-groups within groups. Some are Jews, some are Christians, some are Blacks, some are Orientals, some are Caucasians, some are Leninists, and some are Rhodesians. But they are all determined to create a world order based on the model of collectivism. If they succeed, we will be but surfs in a high-tech feudalism with them as our lords and masters. We must not let them succeed.

IS GRIFFIN JEWISH BECAUSE HE DOUBTS THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE PROTOCOLS? Here is a letter I recently received from an irate subscriber to Need to Know news. My respone follows.

I read G. Edward Griffin’s document about why he thinks the Protocols are a fraud. He actually believed the CIA Director was telling the truth. That’s really funny!
Israel blew up Pan Am 103 and blamed it on Libya, and blew up the La Belle Disco in Berlin, and blamed that on Libya too. The book by an Israeli Mossad agent titled “By Way of Deception” outlines how the Mossad carried a transmitter up the steps of an apartment in Libya and sent out a faked message in “Libyan code” ordering that the La Belle Club be blown up in Berlin. Then Israel blew it up, blaming it in Libya again in the American media. And the CIA fell for it even though France warned them that Israel did it. France knew the Israelis had sent the message, so they didn’t let Reagan fly bombers from England over France to bomb innocent people, so Reagan had to use an aircraft carrier to bomb innocent people in Libya for Israel. Remember that?

Doesn’t Ed know that 6 Jews own all media in America? Or is he one?
In 1967 they attacked the USS Liberty trying to blame it on Egypt, and then lied repeatedly later in their own books about it. In 1963 they murdered JFK and blamed that on Lee Harvey Oswald, and with their power of the media, kept that covered up for 45 years. We didn’t know the Mossad did it until 2008. (I have the photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in the doorway of the School Book Depository at the very moment JFK was shot). And Ed thinks the Protocols are a fraud?

In 2001 they attacked the World Trade Center and blamed that on Osama bin Laden, who also said he had nothing to do with it. How in the world could Ed believe that student pilots could fly a 757? And how could 4 different airline Captains, fail to defend their cockpits on the same day? Who would believe such a stupid story?
Didn’t he notice that there’s no airplane crash in the Pentagon and that flight 77 wasn’t scheduled to fly on 9/11? And also NO airplane wreckage at all in that “empty field” in Pennsylvania?

Is everybody brain dead?
Couldn’t he tell that building 2 was being “blown up” when he looked at the still photos? It did NOT “collapse” like they told us. Is Ed going to believe “his eyes” or what the Jewish owned media tells him? Doesn’t G. Edward Griffin know that the whole 9/11 “Conspiracy Theory” is a fraud? How could he not know that? Unless he’s Jewish pretending to be Christian?

~~ Skip Baker, 2009 Jan 8


Hello Skip.
You have made a huge leap of logic. I do not defend Israel nor do I challenge many of the facts you presented in your email. You asked my opinion of the Protocols, not of bankers, the JFK assassination, 9/11, or current affairs. If you had asked my opinion of any of those, my answer would have been fairly close to your own analysis, but certainly not on all points. For example, you say you have a photograph of Oswald in the doorway of the depository building at the moment JFK was shot. Even if the time of the photo could be proved (which it cannot) do you think that proves the Protocols are authentic?

By the way, I am convinced from the evidence I have seen that Oswald was not JFK’s assassin, but what has that to do with the authenticity of the Protocols? You discredit yourself when you dump all of these issues into into the same bag.

It certainly is true that present-day political Zionists are promoting the New World Order (along with many non-political Zionists), but that does not prove that the Protocols are authentic, either. You would never win your case in the courtof public opinion with that kind of logic – and you will never win allies to your cause unless they already hold you viewpoint.


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