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Bylaws – Teams at FFI and Red Pill Project

2022 Nov 29

It’s an old joke that camels must have been designed by a committee. It’s no joke, however, that committees often become burial grounds for great ideas and efficient output. That’s because committee action is not appropriate for some types of endeavors. They are well suited to tasks requiring compromise or consensus from numerous perspectives or constituencies (such as trial juries and political nominations) but are ill-suited to tasks requiring creative output or competitive strategies (such as product development and marketing).

The long-range goals of a venture or activity should be established at the outset by its creators in the form of a mission statement – and this is usually drafted by a single visionary and approved, committee style, by a board of directors – but operational policies for implementing that mission should be determined, team style, by those who have the day-to-day responsibility for actually making it happen. Teams are expected to be totally focused on ‘getting the job done’, not on ‘why are we here?’ Our working groups are called teams instead of committees to emphasizes this difference in how they function.

Each team has its own mission statement relating to a specific activity and is led by a Team Leader appointed by the FFI Chairman. The Team Leader is encouraged to appoint an Assistant Team Leader to continue operations in the Leader’s absence. All others are classified as Team Members. Where an Assistant Team Leader is not available, the Chairman or his appointee will fill that position.

The minimum size of each team is two. The maximum is five. Team Leaders select their Team Members, but membership is limited to those who are available to actively participate in the day-to-day activities of the Team’s project. Final decisions on major issues are made by the Team Leader with concurrence of the Chairman.

The reason for creating a team for each major task is, not only to sharpen the focus on a specific assignment, but to avoid the tendency to drift into aspects of the operation that are beyond the responsibility of the team. Making suggestions to another team is highly encouraged, but Team Members must guard against mission creep away from primary tasks.


Current Working Groups (teams):

  • Venues: The mission is to research and recommend appropriate facilities for each public event, to negotiate their contractual terms, and to coordinate these and all additional services required for the event. Team Leaders: Dan Happel and Carleen Potter.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The mission is to promote and administer our affiliate-marketing program to like-minded bloggers and broadcasters. This includes providing graphics, text, videos, and other ‘creatives’ for their use. Team Leaders: Nicole and Carleen.
  • Campuses: The mission is to ensure that all policies related to Red Pill University Campuses are optimized to yield, not only the rapid establishment of new campuses, but also their long-term successful functioning and growth. Team Leaders: Ben and Sarah Collier.[1]
  • Audio/Visual: The mission is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of audio/video requirements relating to public events: Team Leaders: Ken Gullekson and Andy Meyer.
  • Customer Relations: The mission is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of phone calls, Live Chat, and emails relating to any aspect of our operations. Team Leader: Lia Griffin.
  • Faculty Selection: The mission is to vet, select, and invite faculty to speak at our events or to provide articles for our website. Team Leaders: GEG and Dan Happel.


[1] When financial resources are available, Jerry Day is available to take on the role of Campus Field Coordinator