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The Freedom Academy

In the year 500 B.C., a Chinese Warrior by the name of Sun Tsu wrote a small treatise entitled The Art of War in which he said:

“If a man knows himself and knows his opponent, he need not fear a hundred battles. If he knows himself but not his opponent, for every victory, he will suffer a defeat. If he knows neither himself nor his opponent, he will suffer defeat

in every battle.”

The Freedom Academy is where members learn to better understand themselves and their opponent. It is where freedom warriors study the merits of individualism, the errors of collectivism, the strategies to become influential in the power center of

their respective countries, and how to use that influence to shape public policy in favor of personal and global freedom.

The Academy currently is under development but, since it plays a major role in the operation of Freedom Force itself, it is one of the top priorities of the Leadership Council. Immediately following the First Congress in December, 2014, a standing committee was created for developing a curriculum, recruiting a teaching staff, and creating a model for operations. Future updates to this report will include progress in that effort.

The curricula
includes four modules

  • Ideology: collectivism vs. individualism
  • Economics: state control vs. free markets
  • Money: state monopoly vs. competing currencies
  • Strategy: apathy vs. power; activism vs leadership

The basic course will include essential information in all four categories. This is the course that members must pass to become Guardians, which entitles them to hold leadership positions in Freedom Force. Advanced courses within each category also will be available.

The basic course will be offered on the Internet as a read-only module and will include a multiple-choice exam. Advanced courses will be delivered in real time by instructors in a classroom environment. Students will have the option of attending them in person or via streaming video.

Make Way for Youth is the tentative title of a course designed specifically for those in grade school. It will be a simplified version of the first three modules of the main course and will include information on compound interest and the debt trap.

How To Become Wealthyand stay that way is the tentative title of a course designed specifically for high

school and college students. It will contain the first three modules of the main course and include information on investments, entrepreneurship, money management, and business strategies – all of which require a free society to succeed.

Exams will not be difficult.
Many people who come into Freedom Force will be able to pass them based entirely on their prior experience. However, The Freedom Academy is a serious school, and itwill not be possible to obtain passing scores without understanding the basic concepts presented. The purpose of this standard is to make sure that graduates are sufficiently knowledgeable to serve as true guardians of freedom.

Here are some of the
books and recordings being considered as required or recommended reading. >>

And Not A Shot Is Fired,
Jan Kozak
Animal Farm, George Orwell
The Art of War, Sun Tsu
Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
The Chasm, G. Edward Griffin
Clichés of Socialism, F.E.E.
Creature from Jekyll Island,
G. Edward Griffin
Economics in One Lesson
Henry Hazlitt
Freedom in One Lesson,
G. Edward Griffin
How to Counter Group Manipulation, Beverly Eakman
How to Win An Election,
Sandy Huseby
Human Action,
Ludwig von Mises
The Law, Frederic Bastiat
Mainspring of Human Progress, Henry Weaver
The Miracle on Main Street, Saussy Tupper
The Starfish and The Spider, Brafman & Beckstrom
The Underground History of American Education
John Taylor Gatto

These training materials
pertaining to strategy are, or soon
will be, incuded in this web site. >>

Revolutionary Parliamentarianism: The strategy used by collectivists to convince the majority they are hopelessly outnumbered and that the loss of their freedom is of their own choosing (the Pincers Strategy.
Why do people deny their own judgment and embrace group-think? Here is the answer. Demagogues know the technique well, and we must be on our guard against it.
Take this quiz after reading The Creature from Jekyll Island. It will really test your knowledge.
How collectivists create their own opposition – and how not to be fooled by it.
How collectivists use the Diamond Tactic to sway public meetings – and how to thwart them.
How collectivists use the Delphi Technique to create group consensus at meetings – and how to thwart them.
More about the Delphi Technique to manipulate public meetings – and how to combat it.
Copenhagen: Agitators disrupt a meeting of critics of the global-warming myth. Lord Monckton says the agitators acted the same as Hitler’s Brown Shirts – and he is correct. Defenders of liberty must learn to counter such tactics. Had pro-freedom activists present been equally organized and prepared for action, free speech
could have been restored.

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