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Genocide by Vaccine

Watch for this conference to be held in conjuction with the Freedom Force 4th Congress in November or December, 2017. It will be fashioned after the style of the 3rd Congress in December, 2016, which was devoted to the theme, Global Warming, an Inconvenient Lie

Genocide by Vaccine will bring together scientists, researchers, and practicing physicians from around the world to expose the deadly corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and its captive government agencies that have conspired to force every human being on earth to accept vaccines into their bodies. It will be shown that, contrary to the hype and slick advertising programs sponsored by the drug makers, vaccines are neither safe nor effective against the diseases they are said to combat. To the contrary, it will be shown that they cause more harm than good and are responsible for the plague of neurological and immune-system disorders that now exists in every region where vaccines have been imposed upon the public. 

Finally, it will be shown that the effect of this campaign is a reduction in fertility rates and a shortening of life span. It may not be a coincidence that both of these effects, under the banner of population reduction, are goals of eugenicists who now hold policy-making positions in most governments. 

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