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Is Bitcoin dead? and why do we always buy high and sell low?

The Holy Grail of investors is to buy low and sell high, but few ever succeed in doing that. Most investors buy high and sell low. Why is that? If everyone understands the goal, why do they do the opposite?

The answer lies in human nature. We have a herd instinct. We tend to feel safer when we are doing what everyone else is doing. When it seems that everyone is buying a certain investment – whether it’s real estate, stocks, precious metals, or cryptocurrencies – we feel an impulse to do likewise. If everyone is buying, it’s got to be a great investment, right? Conversely, if everyone is selling, you would be a fool to be a buyer!

This photo was taken recently at a Bitcoin-mining facility in China where hundreds of expensive computers dedicated to ‘mining’ Bitcoin were dumped as trash because productivity and prices have dropped.

Most of us are not motivated until prices are rapidly rising. By then, however, the market already may be teetering on the edge of a downward correction – as it has done in the past few months. When we see prices falling – as they always do in volatile markets – we feel a herd panic to sell quickly before prices drop even further.
In other words, the reason most investors do not buy low and sell high is not that they have no opportunity to do so. It’s because, for psychological reasons, they choose not to do so.

They make this choice because they have little or no understanding of the markets in which they are investing, they have not taken the time to analyze the forces within those markets, and so they have nothing to guide them except to follow the herd.

In order to buy low and sell high, we must be either incredibly lucky – which is not a very good investment strategy – or sufficiently informed about the strengths and weaknesses of our investments to know when to be contrarian and move in the opposite direction of the herd.

Our upcoming event, Money and Cryptocurrency; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, will introduce you to world-class experts who will help you acquire that kind of information. While most people will be driven by panic and fear, successful investors will be looking for those moments to move against the herd. It is impossible to ever buy low and sell high unless you are capable of moving against popular wisdom.

Is Bitcoin dead? Is the present bear market in cryptocurrencies reason to lose interest in them? Or is this the moment you have been waiting for?

I cannot think of a better way to discover the answer to that question than by attending this event. In terms of your future financial well being, this weekend could be the most important investment of time you will ever make.

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G. Edward Griffin