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Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt

Position Statements for Individualists

These statements show how the ideology of individualism can be applied to real-life issues. The numbers at the end of each statement refer to the principles in The Creed of Freedom that provide the rationale.

Many scientists, physicians, and nurses are convinced that vaccines cause more harm than good. Historians, journalists, and whistleblowers have said that the popularity of vaccines is the result of corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and its captive government agencies that have conspired to force every human on earth (and many animals as well) to accept vaccines and, thereby, become a never-ending source of corporate profits. These are good reasons to oppose vaccines, but individualists do so, not for those reasons, but because vaccines are becoming compulsory. We believe in freedom-of-choice in health care − and everything else − provided only that such freedom does not endanger life, liberty, or property. Although drug companies say their vaccines save lives, the evidence falls far short of supporting that claim. Therefore, let those have vaccines who want them, but we should have the right to accept or reject them entirely upon our own judgment. (Creed #2,3)

The Federal Reserve is a cartel of banks, not a government agency. Congress should never have given banks the power to issue the nation’s money and to create money out of debt. That’s the reason inflation has destroyed 97% of the dollar’s purchasing power since the Fed was created in 1913. That means banks and government have taken 97% of everyone’s savings over that period. I am tired of bank bail-outs paid by taxpayers and I oppose the coming bail-ins whereby banks will confiscate big chunks of our deposits in checking and savings accounts. An individualist running for federal office in the United States would say: “If I am elected, I will seek to abolish the Federal Reserve, decriminalize competing currencies, and restore accountability to banking.” (Creed #5)

Global warming is a theory with four components: (1) The Earth’s surface temperature is rising because of human activity, particularly industrial production and personal consumption; (2) Weather extremes we now experience are more destructive than in the past because of this warming effect; (3) If this trend is not stopped, the planet will soon be unable to sustain human life as we have known it; and (4) The solution is to accept government management of all human activity, including the elimination of private property and personal freedom. We reject the theory of global warming for two reasons: (1) It is based on junk science and outright fraud. In other words, man-made global warming does not exist. The proponents of this theory come almost exclusively from the ranks of politicians, government bureacrats, and academics employed by insrtitutions that depend on government funding – those who benfit from the alleged solution to the alledged problem; (2) The solution that always is coupled with the theory leads to confiscation of private property and denial of freedom-of-choice. (Creed #3.4) (More)

Gun-control laws do not control crime because crimes are not committed by guns; they are committed by criminals. Criminals will always have guns because they do not obey laws, including anti-gun laws. Those without guns are easy prey for criminals with guns. Gun control encourages crime. The right to bear arms was included in the Bill of Rights, not to deter crime, but to deter oppressive government. Just governments honor and protect the right to bear arms. Oppressive governments fear and prohibit the right to bear arms. Guns are dangerous. The only thing more dangerous is not having them. An individualist running for federal or state office in the United States would say: “If I am elected to Congress, I will do all that I can to preserve the Constitutional right to bear arms.” (Creed #1,2,4,7)

The federal income tax does not exist to raise revenue for the government. Since formation of the Federal Reserve System, the government has been able to create all the fiat money it needs through debt. The purpose of the income tax is to engineer society through redistribution of wealth and to allow politicians to reward their friends and punish their enemies by means of loopholes and penalties. If the tax were eliminated, government revenue would not be threatened. The federal income tax is unconstitutional, unfair, and immoral. However, instead of challenging the tax by non-compliance or judicial challenge, the best path to tax reform is to simply abolish the tax through an act of Congress. (More) (Creed #4,6,7)

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a document, widely circulated in Europe and the United States, describing a plot by Jewish conspirators to take over the world. It is said to be the minutes of meetings in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897 at the time of the First Zionist Congress. It is offered as proof of a master Jewish conspiracy. There is considerable evidence, however, that the Protocols are a forgery by the Okhrana, which was the secret police of the Czarist government. The Okhrana capitalized on widespread anti-Semitism in Russia at that time by portraying the Czar’s enemies as tools and dupes of Jewish conspirators. The ploy was intended to convert anti-Semitism into support for the Crown. Prior to the alleged “discovery” of the Protocols, there were three books widely read throughout Europe that dealt with political conspiracies and corruption of government, and it turns out that the Protocols are merely a composite of material drawn from those books. (More) (Conduct #10,11)

It is widely believed that JFK was assassinated by agents of the international banking cartel to prevent him from completing his plan to disable the Federal Reserve System. At the center of this belief was Executive Order 11110 signed by Kennedy, which authorized the Treasury to print Silver Certificates based on silver coin or bullion held in the Treasury vaults. Since this currency was issued by the government, not the Federal Reserve, and because there was no interest to be paid on its issuance, the banks were not able to control the quantity of this currency or derive an income from it – and that was seen as a threat to the entire banking system. If this practice were to become widespread, banks would be facing a monumental decline in power and profit. Hence, it was felt that this was sufficient motive to assassinate the man who was about to make it happen. The reasons we do not agree with this analysis are described in the accompanying report. (More)

There is nothing in the Constitution that empowers Congress or the Senate or the President or any politician or bureaucrat to create jobs. Even if there were, governments cannot create jobs unless they spend tax money to do so, and that process destroys two jobs for every job it creates. Government meddling in the job market is the problem, not the solution. An individualist running for political office would say: “If I am elected, I will do all that I can, consistent with the Constitution, to get the government off the backs of people who want to work and want to hire. That is how I intend to create jobs. (Creed#1,6,7)

Women’s rights are important, but so are men’s rights and old people’s rights and young people’s rights and rights of black people and white people, too. When the rights of any group or class of citizens are denied, the remedy is to restore those rights, but not in a way that creates a new injustice by violating the rights of others. Seeking justice by creating a new injustice in the name of compensation or revenge leads to animosity and conflict and is never-ending. Freedom and social tranquility arise from unity, not division. (Creed #1,6,7)

Members of Freedom Force have strong concictions about life style, morality, and religion but they do not advocate the use of government to force their views on others. None of us have the right to compel our neighbor to adhere to a particular moral code – unless doing so is essential for the protection of lives, liberty, or property. If we do not have that right as individuals, then we cannot grant it to our elected representatives. (Examples) (Creed # 1,2,3,8 and Code #10,11)

This item is not directly related to The Creed of Freedom but it is included here because of the indirect connection to principle six (Equality under Law) and to item ten in The Code of Conduct (Unity over Diversity). It is sad to hear people say they are Mexican-American or African-American or any other kind of American. Those who are citizens of the United States are Americans, period. Their ancestors or nations of birth may vary, but when they become American citizens, that becomes secondary to the higher identity of being, simply, an American. This is a sensible rule for any country that grants citizenship to immigrants. Cultural unity is the backbone of a tranquil society. Respecting cultural diversity in one’s ancestry is one thing, but when people migrate to a new land and a new culture, they are expected to show respect for their hosts by trying to blend in with the new mores. If their attitude is one of arrogance and disdain for their new homeland, if they insist on displaying the flags and singing the patriotic songs of their nations-of-origin, the consequences will be resentment, conflict, violence, and the disintegration of society. This does not mean we should disdain our heritage. It is natural to feel bonded to our origins – but if that bond is greater than to the land we now inhabit, we become hostile invaders rather than loyal defenders. The solution is not difficult. If my ancestors came from Holland, I would never describe myself as Dutch-American. I am of Dutch heritage but totally American. Another version would be: I am an American with Dutch heritage. That says it all; it’s accurate; it offends no one; and it just feels right. (Creed #6, Conduct #10)

Obamacare is unaffordable, unaccountable, unhealthy, and unconstitutional. If allowed to stand, it will bankrupt the nation, lead to massive corruption, reduce the quality of health care especially for the poor, and put bureaucrats in control over our most personal health choices. Healthcare and politics do not mix well. (Creed #3,6,7)

The Patriot Act was badly misnamed, because it is the most unpatriotic legislation ever passed in America. Instead of protecting our country from terrorism, its primary functions have been to harass loyal citizens, build a surveillance network that taps into everyone’s private activities, and violates Constitutional rights. The FBI has ample power to thwart terrorism without the Patriot Act. This law is an assault on freedom and, if I am elected to Congress, I will do all that I can to repeal it. (Creed #1,4)

It is argued that governments are rotten to the core, and the dog-and-pony show called politics serves only to perpetuate the illusion that we are participating in our own political desitny. Threfore, why waste our time following political issues or seeking to affect election outcomes? Wouldn’t it be better use of our time to educate people about the principles of freedom? The answer is that we must do both. We must educate the people, of course, but not on all issues at once. We cannot expect them to reject the myth of democracy in their first lesson. We must take it one step at a time and we must make friends, not enemies, along the way. We cannot educate the public unless the public is willing to listen to us. The quickest way to alienate ourselves from those we seek to inform is to back up the truck, pull the lever, and bury them with facts they are not yet prepared to accept. Telling people they are ignorant and stupid is not a good way to win friends. To educate people, we must go to where they are, not where we think they should be. They are not in ivory towers. We will find them attending the dog-and-pony show, so that is where we must toil. (Conduct #6,7,8)