Sponsors are an important part of our team, because they make it possible to produce high-value events at general-admission prices that are affordable to almost everyone. Without this support, prices would be too high for many or the scope of the event would be greatly reduced. Thank you for your interest in joining the team.

Sponsors receive benefits that, hopefully, will help offset the cost. Benefits include display of their banner on our event website and on the auditorium projection screen during breaks. This also will be seen on the Internet live stream.

Sponsor's brochures, if provided, will be placed into attendees bags and on a centrally located table for approved event literature. 

Sponsors receive a complimentary Inner-Circle ticket. An additional complementary Inner-Circle ticket for a companion is available upon request. If attending this event is something you would like to do anyway, this is a substantial monetary benefit. 

Sponsors are not automatically eligible for stage time but they will be favorably considered based on expected attendee interest, overlap with other presenters' topics, and available space on the program.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event and would like more information about costs and benefits, please contact us at [email protected].