Freedom Force International

Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt

Want To Be A Speaker?

We always are on the lookout for crusading authors, researchers, professionals, and dynamic public speakers who resonate with our mission.?

We produce two public events each year: The Red Pill Expo and the Freedom Force Congress.

The Expo is a large event, including exhibitors, from many segments of the liberty movement. Based on the “Take the red pill” meme popularized by the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, its goal is to pierce the many illusions that distract us from realizing that beliefs often are molded by hidden forces that seek to control our lives.

Freedom Force Congresses have a different purpose. Although there is a general theme attached to the events, and although they always deliver a trainload of cutting-edge information, the greater purpose is to create a networking environment for those who already have taken the red pill and now are seeking alliances to build a movement. This is where the movers and shakers come together.

All executives and council members of Freedom Force are volunteers. No one receives a salary, bonus, or any other income for the hundreds –in some cases, thousands – of hours they donate to this effort.

Speakers also are volunteers, even though most of them are professionals and normally receive substantial speaking fees. They donate their time because they want to be part of this movement. The extent to which they are reimbursed for expenses, however, depends on their circumstances and on the nature of their presentations, as follows.

ACADEMIC SPEAKERS – those who have nothing to monetize except books or recordings – receive a complimentary premium-level ticket to the event with an additional ticket for a companion upon request. Meals, hotel accommodations, and commercial transportation are provided.

MONITIZED SPEAKERS – those who are able to benefit from the promotion of products, services, memberships, or subscriptions – receive a complimentary premium-level ticket to the event with an additional ticket for a companion upon request. They are responsible for their own travel, hotel accommodations, and meals (other than dinner, which is included in the premium ticket) We ask that promotional content be soft and short so as not to be perceived as an infomercial. Brochures (provided by speakers) containing promotional message will be placed in attendee’s bags and on a centrally located literature table. Mention of web-site links will be captured by audio and video, broadcast live stream, and preserved on DVDs.

SPONSORED SPEAKERS – those who purchase stage time or produce special events for attendees – are considered on the same basis as Monitized Speakers.

When considering the theme and message of a presentation for our events, please be mindful that our audience is international. Therefore, our program content should deal as much as possible with issues and challenges that exist in all countries. When dealing with issues that focus primarily on one country – which often is necessary – we seek to present them in context of being a common challenge to freedom in all countries.

If you would like to speak at one of our events, please submit a brief description of your proposed topic and a bio. Send it to [email protected].

Thank you.

G. Edward Griffin